Crazy for Card stock!

I'm the type of person that when I get into something, I become obsessed. Not just that I really like it, but it's all I think about. (Babies, Blogging, and Srapbooking) Whatever I'm into at that moment, I obsess about for HOURS! I've been into scrapbooking for a while now. I don't always get to scrapbook as much as I would like, but I still think about it all the time. Have you seen those scrapbooking sites where people post pictures of their amazing crafting rooms with large windows letting in all the beautiful sunlight? Ugh. Yeah, I get jealous too. Then again, the more I think about those huge windows shining all that sunlight on their supplies, I think,"nope I don't want that!"  Card stock is one of my prize crafting supplies. I've made huge investments into having every possible color, texture, and multiple size options. ( I say again, obsession) If you are like me, then you would never take your card stock and throw it in the trash. Would you? Of course not, but if you leave your card stock in place where sunlight shines directly on it. You might as well be. Even the best quality card stock will fade if left in direct sunlight. Sad, so sad. There is nothing wrong with having a bright sunny crafting room. Just make sure you are not unintentionally ruining your supplies. I had someone helping me when I first started, and she had the wisdom to point this out to me. I want to pass that wisdom along to you. If you've ever pulled out a piece of card stock and noticed fading, and had to find another piece to work with, then you understand. I keep my card stock inside drawer storage units in a dark place. The rest of my work area can be bright and sunny. I just want to keep my card stock from fading. It's great to have what you need within arms reach at your work area, but just keep the sunlight in mind when picking a place for your pretty papers and card stock.  
~ This is Beck saying, "Save the Card stock!"  ;-)


  1. I have been so thankful that you taught me this lil trick to save my card stock back when we started scrapbooking together. 'Save the Cardstock'.... LOL love it!!! ;)


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