RE*BODY~My review

Day 5
This will be my last posting for my RE*BODY Hunger Chews. I would recommend these to anyone trying to jumpstart your diet, or just trying to hang tough. They have helped me kick my unhealthy snacking habits, and really boosted my confidence in my own will power! This past week has been killer for me, and in spite of all the stress I've been experiencing I have LOST WEIGHT!!! Some people stop eating when stressed out, me I normally eat everything in sight, and whatever can be had through a drive-thru. This week has been a great test of what the Hunger Chews can really help with. The cravings were there, then I would eat the RE*BODY Hunger Chew, and I would feel satisfied. After 5 days of cutting calories, drinking more water, and using the Hunger Chews to curb stress/boredom eating. I have lost 2.6 lbs!!! I'm sure results will vary depending on the person, but for me they have been a huge help in kicking off my weight-loss journey. I'm thankful that RE*BODY gave me this opportunity to try out their product! ~ Beck
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(To do this review I was given (1) 30 count package of RE*BODY Hunger Chews) While the product was free to me, I have not been compensated in any form for any statements made above or in the past or future. 
All views and opinions are my own

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