The Ups and Downs of my life.

Have you ever been working, and needed a pair of scissors and realized they were in another room of your house? If you are like me then that other room is always on another floor too. If you are upstairs the scissors are downstairs or vise versa.              
This is the story of our two-story home.
Our house is a work in progress. We've been working on it for as long as we've been married. Almost 8 years. Since most of the current work is going on downstairs we live mostly in the upstairs of our house. When you work on home projects as you can afford them. Things are sometimes slow moving, VERY slow moving at times. We are blessed to have recently been able to have the outside of our home redone with vinyl siding, and new windows. That was a huge project, that thankfully we had contractors to do all the work. My husband, and I aren't much for carpentry work, but we do our best. The current room in progress is my hubby's music room. (he plays guitar very well actually)(not to brag)(ok, might be some bragging there!) I plan to share with you some photos of our progress in the coming days and weeks. I hope that you enjoy seeing the transformation as much as I will.
 Thanks for following!~Beck


  1. Having any type of remodeling going on in your home makes things crazy! I can't imagine an eight year project! Good luck with the progress!

  2. Being a real estate broker I've seen a lot of home improvement projects in my time ;) Some done well, others...not so much! LOL But you're right, you do them as you can and you do them right. They will be yours to enjoy for years to come! Good luck!
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  3. Good luck with your project! I've been wanting to paint my son's room for about 5 months!

  4. we've been in our home for over 9 years and still working on it..I remember when we did remodeling downstairs and hand to 'live' in the upstairs. It sucked. Glad thats over and I your remodeling goes fast.


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