Living an Inspired Life~ A guest post by Melanie Bowen

Today Begin to Live an Inspired Life

There are often times in a person's life that provoke them to live more consciously. During this time they become more reflective and introspective as they contemplate the life they are living. Next, they begin to compare this life with the life they had always dreamed of living. Dealing with a serious illness is one example of the type of life event which can cause a person to reassess their life and, if necessary, redirect its course.  

Reassess Your Goals
There is no better time than the present to do a check to see if a person's life is headed in the direction they want it to go. Some people create an annual, a three-year and then a five-year plan to map out their future; others simply jot down what they want to accomplish on a list; and there are others who visualize in their mind what they want to achieve in life.

Most people could likely tell you about their dreams for life up to a certain point, at the same time many have not seen those dreams become fulfilled. Sometimes is takes facing a life obstacle to derive the most value out life—view obstacles as a way to push pass instead of as a road block.   

Tomorrow Makes Promises to No One

The reality of life is that the person who has just received a mesothelioma prognosis and the person who has just received a clean bill of health face the same truth: tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life is fair in that it comes to every person 24 hours at a time; Time to motivate ourselves and encourage others to hop in the driver seat of their life!

It matters less what cards a person is dealt in their hand of life, only how they play their cards. There are people who have chronic and terminal illnesses who have climbed mountains, created masterpieces and enjoyed life on a level that some people who have never had to deal with any health concerns won't ever know. In this example, which is the more fulfilling life, it seems the former and not the latter.

Doing what you've always wanted To Do
Life is to be lived, and lived to the fullest extent possible. This is independent of any obstacles one may face while on earth. Obstacles sometimes make things difficult, but it doesn't mean they become impossible. No matter when it starts, the goal is to begin to live a different, more exciting life.

That person who is grappling with any diagnosis should, instead of feeling defeated and sorry for themselves, let it be the trigger that releases them into a life more consistent with who they are on the inside.

It can be of help to go ahead andwrite down the things one wants to achieve in life. But make sure this will become a list of things that will truly enrich your life.

Think about this...if the sky was the limit and there were no restrictions, how would you answer the following questions:

-Where do I want to travel?
-What do I want to create?
-What will be my legacy?
-How can I make the most impact with my life?
-What new experiences do I want to explore?

Answering these questions can put a person on the road to having a much more deep and meaningful life where every moment is seized and taken advantage of.

Check out a lot more information on illness and wellness at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  

Melanie Bowen
Melanie is a writer for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog.
Melanie Bowen joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2011 as an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of alternative nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. Melanie also assists in social media outreach in her efforts to spread awareness.
 To read more of Melanie's posts click here to visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog.


  1. How inspiring!!! I love this post... really makes you think. ;)

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