Traveling on the Cheap!

As you may know, my family just returned home this week from a family vacation. We were visiting my husband's family and attending a wedding. We had a wonderful time!
Today, I just want to share a few of the things I did to try to save some money while on this trip.
First things first, before you go you have to pack your bags! This is where my stockpile proves to be useful one more time. I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to having a new toothbrush for a trip, it's a must. I've just always been that way when packing my things for the bathroom I just love having new stuff. I guess it adds to the excitement of traveling, or it's just my OCD I don't know. Before I started couponing I would run out and buy my husband and myself new toothbrushes, and other travel sized items to pack. This time, I just walked down stairs to our stockpile and picked out the things we needed. The items in our stockpile were bought with coupons, sales, and some of them were free.
I believe I paid .25 for our toothbrushes.
In our bathroom bag I saved money by not running out and paying full price for items to pack!

Since we were driving to our destination in a large vehicle we had room to take a cooler. This saved us a lot of money. Drinks at gas stations, and travel centers are a huge expense, but by taking ours with us we saved that money. We packed a bag full of snacks too, some things my husband and I like, and some for the Booper. If you consider the cost of buying drinks and snacks along a 13 hour trip with at least 3 stops. That could be $2.50 a person with 3 people that's $22.50 (If my math is correct) Incredible how much money would be spent just for drinks and snacks! Now the sad thing is, I didn't think to bring some drinks outside the cooler, so while in Virginia we ran out of drinks for the trip home. This would have been a huge expense, except I brought along my coupons. Hooray for coupons! I had my small clutch with coupons and Register Rewards from Walgreen's. We found a Walgreen's and purchased more drinks and some new snacks. The total was over $23, but with my coupons and RR I only spent $5. Don't forget to bring along your coupons and store rewards for cases just like this.

While staying at a hotel we took advantage of their free breakfast. This turned out to be a great savings. If you are willing to eat what they offer, a larger family would save a lot of money this way. Our hotel offered a waffle maker, which is one of the Booper's favorite things.

  • Use your stockpile
  • Take your snacks and drinks
  • Don't forget to bring coupons with you
  • Eat breakfast at your hotel
These are just a few ways to save money while traveling.
Leave a comment and share how you save money when you travel?

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