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My Baby Compass~ my review

There are a few things I want to clear up right away. Your baby does not come with a guide to parenting. There is no book that will be able to teach you everything you need to know about being a great parent. This book doesn't teach you how to be a great parent. This book, "My Baby Compass" is made for great parents to use, and become even better parents. This is the type of book that pro-active parents use to be better at parenting. If you are the type of parent who seeks out ways to help your child, and you strive to help your child reach his or her full potential, then this book is for you.

I was excited to have the chance to read this book, I didn't realize until I started reading that it was actually a program.These books are for parents asking the question, " Is my child on target for development?"  Once I began reading, I had to stop, get up and go find a pen. I immediately started marking and underlining nuggets of valuable information. There were so many parts to this that I know I've heard before, but the author "Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, MA, CCC-SLP" words things in such a way that you have that "ah-ha" moment where it makes perfect sense.

This program series comes in three different books.
  1. Birth to Two Years
  2. Two to Four~ This is the one that I'm reviewing, since the Booper is Two years old.
  3. Four to Seven

I loved that this book came with a spiral binding. That may seem silly but it was very nice since I was making notes and doing lots of highlighting and underlining. With the Booper being very attached to his pacifier for extended amount of time, I was worried that his speech was being affected. He has given up the "Paci" as we called it, but I wasn't sure if he was behind in his speech or not. I got my answer by filling out one of the included check lists. You are able to gauge where you child is behind, ahead or right on track. I was happy to see that Mr. Boop is right on track for his age in speech. You have a checklist, and you fill it out, but you notice your child is behind in a certain area. What do you do? "My Baby Compass" has activities right next to the check list that you can do with your child to try to guide them to being on track.
Some of the great activity ideas include:
  • Songs to Sing
  • Sign Language
  • Games to Play
  • Books to Read
I love how on pg. 130 Kathryn writes," Don't be the boss, but the assistant in this activity."
Sometimes as a mom it's hard to take a step back, and just let him learn the process of playing with a certain toy or game. I'm quick to instruct or tell him the right way, instead of letting him find it naturally through trial and error.

There are many different topics addressed, but most of the speech sections were what interested me the most, since our little guy is learning. I want to do everything I can to direct him the best way possible.

Just a few of the great nuggets I want to mention:

"When will my child be a better playmate?" 
My Baby Compass:answer~ "The way you treat your family and friends is what your child will imitate, not what you tell him to say or do" pg 26

Beck~ This is so true. It's as simple as "monkey see, monkey do" We sometimes forget our little ones are with us all the time and they will imitate what we do. Unfortunately the bad can sometimes stand out more to them!

My Baby Compass~ " Your child may not respond to you or another of his caregivers simply because he didn't initiate the conversation" pg 33

Beck~ I have found this to be true with so many children. The Booper was really frustrating my grandmother the other day, because he wouldn't respond to anything she said to him. Then later in our visit he runs up to her and started talking her leg off. He initiated the conversation, so he was willing to talk.

The last nugget I wanted to mention is one I've seen so many parents go to extremes on.
Time out is a well known form of discipline, but so many parents go too far by going too long.
My Baby Compass pg 36 ~ The appropriate amount of time is one minute for each year in age.

There are so many great suggestions and "tools" to add to your parenting tool box. If you are worried that your child might have a delay or be struggling, and just need some new ideas. I highly recommend this book, "My Baby Compass". I know I will be putting several of the things I've learned from this book into play in my parenting style with the Booper.  If you are interested in finding out if your child is on track, and would like to purchase one book or the whole series visit My Baby Compass

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Juppy~baby walker~ Event

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$25 Fandango Event

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Nintendo Gaming Event!

Hello Island fans, I have another great event for you to enter, and this one is all about fun! My husband has one of these, and the Booper loves to get his hands on it. My husband loves playing a game called techmo bowl (football) I love mariokart! LOL ~Beck

Recently the Iowa Mom family went on a little vacation with our year older, yet still young children. Lengthy car rides up until this point were chaos and I was lucky to arrive with my hair still intact. This year we wizened up and packed each of our children their own DSi and DSi XL to help make the ride a little smoother. While I typically do not promote game play for more than an hour a day, the continued play with numerous fun and educational games to choice from allowed my husband and I the need 3.5 hours of uninterrupted quiet time we need to get from point A to point B. Word to the wise from mom to another, never travel empty handed again!

The Nintendo DSi XL is a high-powered handheld video-game system with an extra large, wide viewing angle screen, and a full size, easy to hold stylus. It comes with features like touch-screen control for a unique gaming experience. Snap photos with the built-in camera, edit and send them to friends, play back your music with Nintendo DSi Sound, or browse the Internet with the Nintendo DSi Browser. From playing games to just playing around, the Nintendo DSi XL does it all.

Includes: Nintendo DSi XL System, 3 Pre-Installed Titles - Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock, two free applications: the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio™, Nintendo DSi AC Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Nintendo DSi XL Stylus (2), Easy Start Guide, Manuals (Basic & Controls) and Support Booklet.

Nintendo DSi XL Features:

  • 93% larger screens
  • Built in Internet browser.
  • Full size, easy-to-hold stylus
  • 3 pre-installed titles: Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock
  • Plus, all the functions of the original Nintendo DSi system

BUY IT: Purchase the Nintendo DS XL from a variety of retailers online and in stores including for $129.99.

One lucky winner will receive a Nintendo DSi XL + 3 Games!

Brought to you by Nintendo and Mom Powered Media.

iTunes Gift Card Sweepstakes

Need new Summertime tunes for your next BBQ or Beach adventure? 
Get some new tunes for your next road trip or time at the gym! 
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Fun Crafts with PVC Pipe

Looking for a great Summer time project? Look no more! Here are some great ideas of fun things to do with PVC Pipe. 
I used to work in a home improvement store, and we sold lots of PVC Pipe.
 I never dreamed of all the cool things that it could be used for!

This data in this infographic was assembled by Commercial Industrial Supply, a leading pvc pipe and fittings supplier.

See Disclosure

This will make you Smile!

 Today, I'm writing this post to give you a reason to be happy. A reason to smile. This is a story of futures being changed for the better. A story of the good side of humanity, those helping the less fortunate.
I'm writing today about, Operation Smile.
 Operation Smile, is a charity helping change lives one smile at a time. By helping ease the pain of cleft lip and cleft palet. They are an amazing organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. In as few as 45 minutes, a surgery can change a child’s life forever.

What is a cleft lip and cleft palate?
 A cleft is an opening in the lip, the roof of the mouth or the soft tissue in the
back of the mouth. A cleft lip may be accompanied by an opening in the
bones of the upper jaw and/or the upper gum. A cleft palate occurs when the
two sides of a palate do not join together, resulting in an opening in the roof
of the mouth. A cleft lip and palate can occur on one side or both sides. A
child can suffer from a cleft lip, a cleft palate or both.

One of the Booper's baby smiles. Yes, his hair was dark when he was born!

 Being a mom to the Booper, I can't even begin to imagine the heartache of a mother watching her baby unable to drink or eat properly, and struggling due to cleft palate. We had a lot of struggles with breast feeding, but I can't imagine the anguish of not being able to get my child the nutrition they need for survival. I've cried a lot writing this post. Reading stories of parents anxiously awaiting the news of whether or not their precious little one would receive this life changing surgery. The thought of it breaks my heart. At the same time, I've smiled so much writing this post looking at all the before and after shots of these children. Their lives changed forever by the caring people who donate, volunteer, and work so hard to make Operation Smile possible! There are so many people who give to make this all happen, some of those donations come from for every time you rent textbooks from them. If you are in need of college textbooks, keep in mind, they along with so many others who work so hard to make Operation Smile something worth smiling about! 
   Operation Smile: A Smile is A Universal Right!

Don't just sit there!
 Donate or learn about more ways to get involved visit: today!

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Coach *Flash* Event

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Flashy Diamond Candle Event

The Mommy Island so, very excited to announce that Acadiana's Thrifty Mom
has been chosen to review and give away a Diamond Candles© soy candle! 
We are able to join in on all the fun!
If you're not, yet familiar with the Diamond Candle craze, just read a little further and you'll see why
all the moms are going GAGA over these little gems ♥

What is a Diamond Candle?
Candles and rings: two things women love. What’s not to like about a deliciously fragrant scent that fills your home, or a sparkling gem that shimmers when light hits it? Together, these two delights make a heavenly combination.
Each candle contains a ring – worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 – which will be revealed as the candle burns down. Treat yourself and a friend to a Diamond Candle… one or both of you may walk away with a high-value ring on your finger!

My experience:
I was so excited when I found out I was chosen to do a review/giveaway for a Diamond Candle. I have been seeing all the buzz and now I was going to finally have a chance to be part of it! When I saw the box on my front porch after shopping all day, I just KNEW it was my candle! Sure enough, all nice and neatly wrapped in bubble wrap was my Diamond Candle :) After fighting the kids off the box, I was finally able to open my candle and begin the process of finding that ring. The ring was wrapped in gold foil and was about 2 inches from the top. I told myself that I was going to be patient and let the candle burn, since it smelled fabulous! Well, after about 2 hours, I cracked!

I grabbed a butter knife and started digging (after I extinguished the flame of course =) It only took about a minute or two and I got to my treasure! After unwrapping it and cleaning it with soap and water, I discovered that my beautiful ring was worth about $10! For this I was still very happy because my son wanted it SO bad. Since I knew I hadn't found a $5000 ring, I could gladly give it to him! He, very proudly, paraded around our house with that ring for 3 days :) You can purchase your very own Diamond Candle through their website HERE or check them out on Facebook HERE ♥ These make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduation, baby showers, or anything really ♥

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Almondina Brand Cookies~ My Indulgent Review

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I received my sampler package from Almondina for review. I'd never tried their cookies, but when asked to do a review of almond cookies.
How could I say no?
These are thin, and very crunchy variety of cookie, which made me slightly reluctant to take my first bite, but the smell of that delicious original almond cookie made me sink my teeth in.
True, C is for Cookie, but A is for Almondina, because they know what a cookie is all About! My husband doesn't always get into all the products I'm reviewing, but he was anxious to help on this one. We received a sampler box with 7 packages of these delicious cookies.
The first we tried was The Original, we were given two packages of this flavor. If there were no other flavors to choose, this one would be enough. We loved this flavor, they don't skimp on the Almonds! The simple goodness to this treat makes it hard to only eat one, or two. With the Nutrition facts like the ones these cookies have, it's alright to indulge and go ahead and have a third cookie!
Nutrition Facts From Almondina~ The Original

One of my favorites has to be the Gingerspice with chunks of real Ginger, these were so tasty. I sort of hoarded these for myself. I was thinking the Choconut would be my favorite, but to my surprise it came in behind the Gingerspice. Since I brought it up, the Choconut, was also very good, and rich with flavor. My husband seemed to love this flavor.
We were having salad for supper one night, and I just happened to think I have a package of Sesame Almondina Cookies, I wonder how that would go with this salad. I got them out, and opened the pack and took a bite with my salad. My question to you, "have you every tried a cookie with your salad?" The flavor of the exotic roasted sesame, raisins, and almonds complimented my salad to perfection. These were an amazing combination, cookies with my meal. Works for me!

We also tried the Chocolate Cherry, and the Cinnaroma. Our family loved all the flavors, but for me the Sesame and the Gingerspice were my favorites. For all the true Chocoholics out there, they offer chocolate dipped cookies, and yogurt dipped.
Almondina's catch line is "Indulge without the Guilt", and I find that to be a truthful statement. Eating these light, crunchy cookies, I felt like I was cheating, but the calories said otherwise.

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 The Mommy Island readers. 
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Freebie Fest 2012~ The Mommy Island and friends


The Mommy Island, is pleased to present:
 Freebie Fest 2012.Lots of Prizes....Lots of Winners! 

The Mommy Island has teamed up with Couponer's Corner, The Couponing Teacher, and A Little Bit of Everything, and several other fantastic bloggers to create the first annual Freebie Fest! 

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Pro-Form~ Booty Firm Event

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Dance your way to a new you! Three Dance Workout DVDs will help you slim down and reshape your booty! Featuring the hottest, fat-burning cardio dance moves and exclusive muscle-toning resistance exercises—the Booty Firm™ delivers body-shaping results! Check out the video.

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Summer Blog Challenge~ Day 20 (I'm so far behind)

June 20--Photo of you as a young child.

Yes, I'm skipping a few, and jumping to this one since it's easy. I've been crazy busy lately, and quite frankly needed some time away from my computer. Now I'm back, and ready to get caught up as much as possible, and this one looked fun.
I chose a couple pictures to post, and tell the stories that make them special, and funny.
Picture 1. This is me as a baby, being held by my grandfather who we all called "Pap". I obviously don't remember this moment in time, but I've been told the story. My Pap was more than a little mischievous.In this photo the reason I'm smiling is he was walking around holding me up high on his chest, and letting me pull everyone's hair. (which is also the reason he is smiling) I miss my Pap, and all the fun we had together, fun that started way back when.

Picture 2.
Birthday #2 excited to be a Big girl. I couldn't wait to try on my new undies. Over the top of my clothes, it didn't matter, I was proud. I love that I'm wearing my E.T. shirt in this one. (showing my age) This was a fun outdoor birthday party, I got a smurf picnic table at this party as well. With lots of family around, I had a great day. I still have flashes of memories from this one, amazing since I can't remember things I did yesterday!

Pictures 3 and 4.
When I think of my childhood, who else would come to mind but my sister. My older sister pictured on the left, I'm on the right.We spent so much time together, growing up. Telling secrets, pretending to be orphan runaways( much to the chagrin of our mom), fighting over the front seat, laughing, singing, dancing, "tap" dancing on our old fireplace, driving each other crazy, being silly, doing cartwheels, trying to catch those blasted chickens,tattling on each other, playing hide and seek (although she would never seek for, wild goose hunts out in the woods...we had a blast. My sister and I.

What a great childhood we had. Happy. I feel sorry for kids that don't get to have a happy childhood, but I'm one of those that can't identify. We had it good. Love you, Sissypoo!
The cool and fun story behind this last picture is the part of the picture you can't see. We are sitting on a Speeder bike ride-on toy from a Star Wars~Return of the Jedi movie. My mother had entered to win a giveaway at a local grocery store, and she won that toy for my sister. We loved riding that thing up and down our bumpy sidewalk. We all wish we had that toy now!

Everyone, say cheese!~Beck

GoPicnic~ My Review and Giveaway Event

 I recently had the opportunity to review 2 of the ready-to-go meals from GoPicnic. They sent us two free meals to review. We didn't get to go on a real picnic, but we had a fun meal at home! 
GoPicnic meals come prepackaged and ready to eat. No Cooling needed. No Heating needed. Grab it and go! For our meal it was Grab it and eat. The Booper was quite excited just because I told him we were having a picnic. We shared each of the two meals that we tried, and we both had our favorites. 

The first meal we opened was the Turkey Stick + Crunch: Classic Deli Meal. A Gluten-free choice
This meal included:
  • Old Wisconsin ~Turkey Snack Stick
  •  Sweet Perry Orchards~ Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix 
  •  Popchips~ Barbeque Potato Chips
  •  Niagara Natural~ Tropical Fruit Bites
  •  Enjoy Life ~Double Chocolate Cookie
As you can see from the picture, the Booper loved the Popchips. We had never tried these, but oh my, they were so tasty! I sort of wished we weren't did the Booper. I reached onto his tray to sneak a popchip, and he screamed at me, "no mommy, my chip!" Hands off his chips.
If you like jerky, the Old Wisconsin Turkey stick will not disappoint. I liked it, the Booper wouldn't even try it, but that's typical for him. The Turkey stick was spicy, but not hot. Now the Baja Blend Fruit and Nut mix on the other hand, it had some kick. I had to refill my drink a couple times, but I couldn't stop eating the mix. Very good, if you like sweet and spicy mixes. Which I do. Tropical fruit bites were also good. Now we get to the cookie...yeah it was a Double Chocolate Cookie..need I say more? I broke the cookie in half, and Mr. Boop thought that I was cheating him, so I had to give him more of my part of the cookie. It was gone in seconds! Very crunchy not a soft cookie, but we aren't picky when it comes to chocolate cookies.
We are not a gluten free family, though I try to make gluten free choices when I see them. This handy, ready-to-eat meal, was very delicious, and something I would eat again. If I had to say our three favorites from this meal. They would be the PopChips, Baja Blend, and the Cookie. It was all good, and very filling. Gopicnic offers lots of different dietary options, not all of their meals are Gluten free, so be sure to check thoroughly when ordering. 

The next ready-to-go meal we tried was the Peanut Butter + Crackers: All-Natural Meal
This meal includes: 
  • Peanut Butter & Co.~ Smooth Operator Natural Peanut Butter
  • Partners~ Get Movin' Honey Wheat Crackers
  • Sweet Perry Orchards~ Unsweetened Applesauce
  • Annie's Homegrown~ Cheddar Bunnies
  • Professor Zim Zam's ~All-Natural Jelly Jets

We had our favorites from both meals, and this one had to be the Peanut Butter. We are a peanut butter loving family, and this was no exception. The booper just wanted to suck the peanut butter right out of the sqeeze pack(which I let him do when I was finished lathering the crackers) The crackers were thick and crunchy with a great whole grain flavor. The applesauce was sort of bitter, but I'm not used to eating regular unsweetened, we eat cinnamon most of the time. The Annie's cheddar bunnies were a hit, we've had these before, and love them. The jelly jets were good if you like gummy candy. Booper has never had gummy candy before, and he wasn't sure about them. He liked the flavor, because he kept putting it back in his mouth, but when he would bite down on the gummy he would spit it out! I couldn't stop laughing. He kept trying, but he just didn't know what to think about those gummies.  We didn't eat all of this in one setting, we were really full. We actually ate the cheddar bunnies later in the day for  a snack. That's the great part of all of this being individually wrapped and  not needing cooling or heated. Eat it when you want, save it for later if you want. 

Want to have a Picnic of your own? 
They have a discount just for The Mommy Island readers just use: Island10 , to get 10% off your purchase from GoPicnic

Gopicnic has been nice enough to offer to sponsor a giveaway
 for The Mommy Island readers.
 Just use the rafflecopter to enter. Good Luck!
Open to US only, all entries will be verified, please only click enter on the tasks you complete, Thanks!
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Though I was given these two meals for free to try and review, all opinions are !00% true and my own. I was not given any monetary compensation for my review. See Disclosure

Bunk Bed Giveaway Event

Walker Edison Bunk Bed Giveaway
Brought to you by BunkBedsAtoZ, and hosted by Children Teaching Mama
Open for entries from June 20th - July 10th

 The prize: A Walker Edison Bunk Bed worth $549
Please remember to enter that THE MOMMY ISLAND referred you!
Good Luck! 

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The Mommy Island is in no way responsible for the shipment of the prize.

Check your Deck~ Deck Safety

We have been having some issues with our wooden plank front porch. I noticed the other day while our two year old was playing that one of our railings wasn't safe.  I wanted to share this with all my readers.

Reclip.It ~ a Mission Giveaway

 Grand Prize:
$75 Amazon for you and $25 Amazon to give a friend!

About Our Sponsor - Reclip.It

Reclip.It is a social network just for deal lovers. Reclip.It members can follow their friends & favorite deal bloggers and see what top deals they're clipping from around the web. Then they can "reclip" deals to save to use later. Discover great deals and new deal blogs on Reclip.It today.

You'll have the opportunity to follow me,The Mommy Island, and other Mission Giveaway bloggers on Reclip.It when you enter the giveaway. 
You can also find Reclip.It on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's How You Enter:
The Giveaway will open up on Tuesday 6/19 at 12:01 am EST and Close on Friday 6/22 at 11:59 pm EST.

1) Start at the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post.

2) Complete the Mandatory entries.

3) Work your way through the links, entering contests at each blog as you go. These contests each have their own rules and end dates.

4) Complete additional entries towards the bottom and come back for additional daily entries!

That's it! You have successfully entered this awesome giveaway! On a side note...It's not mandatory that you enter all the giveaways at each blog. However, doing so not only increases your chances of WINNING the other prizes, it increases your chances of WINNING the Grand Prize!

Mission Giveaway started with the $100 Story where with $100 several people received the help they needed. We are on a mission to help people! We have gathered a group of bloggers that want to make a difference. Together we are the Mission Giveaway Group!

To inquire about becoming a sponsor, please contact Amee or Dawn at for details. Take a look at our Media Kit to see what Mission Giveaway has to offer.

Are you a blogger that would like to participate in Mission Giveaway? Find out how you can join us.

The amazing Blogs participating in the event along with The Mommy Island this week are:

Go Momma Coupons| A Thrifty Diva Surviving Hood| And The Little Ones Too| Baby Costcutters| Clippin 4 A Cause| Coupon Savings In The South| Couponing to be Debt Free | Coupons For Your Family| Coupons with Q| Family, Love & Other Stuff| FurKid Fosters| Insights by April| Mama Bee Does| Meg's Moxie| Money Savvy Michelle| More 4 Mom's Buck| MyCouponLady| Semmes Savers| SlickHousewives| The Centsible Family| The Coupon Sweeper| The Interrupting Cow| The Mommy Island|

Check out how entrants would pay it forward this week and enter your own comment:


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Sample Swag Giveaway!

 As bloggers, and as Couponing Moms, Coupons and Lesson Plans and I end up with lots of swag. Swag being multiple samples, and lots of freebies we round up through couponing. We decided to get together and offer our readers a chance to win a fun bag full of these nice pieces of SWAG!

One winner will get everything pictured 
and a few surprises!  
Just use the rafflecopter and do each task for each entry. The more tasks you complete the more entries, so the better chances you have! 
Don't forget to vote daily for bonus entries! 
Ending 6/23/2012 at 12:01 am
Good Luck!  

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Aeropostale Summer Wardrobe Event!

Welcome to the fabulous $250 Summer Wardrobe Giveaway!

The Mommy Island is happy to be a part of this fashionable giveaway!
AĆ©ropostale is a mall-based, specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories. AĆ©ropostale provides customers with a focused selection of high-quality, active-oriented, fashion at compelling values. Products can be purchased in-stores and online at and

 You can find exclusive Aeropostale Coupons and discounted gift cards on, your only source for both! Now you finally have a way to stack your savings in a whole new way!!!

Here is a GREAT deal to get you started, and you can print it to use in a store!

Aeropostale Printable Coupon | 20% off at Aeropostale in-store
Better still, do you have any unused or unwanted gift cards laying around?
You can SELL them on CouponTrade to get that gift BACK! And if you do, you will earn 50 bonus entries in the giveaway! Just click here to find out how!

Bonus CouponTrade Registration Points

Awesome! Now log your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and don’t forget to come back for your daily entries!

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