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I take a shower get myself dressed, give the Booper a bath and get him ready. Getting the Booper ready means finding a toy for the car filling a sippy cup, and checking to make sure I have wipes and a change of clothes for him, and the list goes on. I get to the store to shop for a few things we need, only to realize I don't have my coupons or I forgot my list. The Booper doesn’t always cooperate either.

Not every shopping trip is full of stress, but I used to go to the mall just to look You don't go window shopping with a 2 year old, at least not at an actual store. I love window shopping online, and searching to find unique gifts, and cool things I didn't even know existed.
I love to get a good deal no matter where I’m shopping. Since I shop online quite often, I’m always looking for more ways to save. I discovered a cool online shopping trick, using promocodes!

Don’t know what a promo code is?
 They are special codes you use when checking out your online order that give you:

  • a special discount
  • free shipping
  • free item
  • and sometimes all of the above!
Depending on the online store you are shopping at, you might be able to use several codes, though some only allow one code per order. Make sure you are using the best code available.
Never go shopping online with out checking for a promotional code!
Didn’t get a special promo with your catalog? Don’t see any promotions on the site? Don’t worry! There are lots of sites dedicated to sharing promotional codes! One of the sites that you can use is, With  you can look up popular codes or you can search by the online store you are shopping at. Don’t forget to check for a free shipping code. With the convenience of shopping online mixed with one or more promotional codes, you just might snag yourself a really great deal!

Obviously, I still leave the house to go shopping, but shopping online for a great deal has never been easier! Using promo codes is just one more way to save your family some money, and we all want to do that. 

~ Happy Online Shopping, Beck

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  1. Love using promo codes!!! They are an awesome why to save! Thanks for sharing... now I have a new promo code source! ;)

  2. Hadn't heard of Thanks so much! Gonna come in handy shopping for new baby!


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