Cut your way to Savings!

The Booper's before and after shots, you can see he was not too happy in the first after shot! :-)
There are so many fun, and easy ways to save money. Most of the best ways, don't take much effort or courage at all. Today, I'm sharing one way we save a little money in our budget, but this is not for the faint of heart...I cut my son's hair.

 The Booper has been known for his golden locks for a while now, and even when I cut his hair, I've always left it long enough to curl in the back. As you can see from the before picture it had been a while since his last cut. Quite frankly I was too busy, and didn't mind his curly locks, so why cut it?

 Then on Saturday morning he got out of bed, and I was trying to comb his hair. While combing the knots out of his hair, I realized, it was time for a cut. He's always done well if he has toys on his tray, since I cut his hair while he's in his highchair. (a great tip for younger children) I've never been able to use the clippers before since he was scared of the sound they make, and I really didn't mind leaving the length. This time I decided to try to take it shorter than before, and use the clippers. At first the Booper wasn't sure about it, but I said "look out it's going to tickle you! and started giggling myself", so he started laughing, and before he knew it....I had buzzed the back and sides of his head. I used the scissors to cut the top leaving it longer for  more style. I used the longest setting on the clippers, then went back with scissors around his ears to make it look right.
Like I mentioned before, this isn't for everyone, but for those that are brave you can clip your way to savings! 
There may come a time when I take him for a haircut, but for now this is another easy savings for our family. 

Some things to consider when deciding if this is right for you:

  • Time is money, so will this be worth your time, and is the savings worth your time spent?
  • The Mess~ Cutting hair in your home can make a huge mess, and takes time to clean up.
  • Will the person care if you make a mistake? I've cut my husband's hair before, but he isn't too picky. 
  • Will your child sit still long enough to get the cut?
  • Are you brave enough? Some people just don't have the patience for cutting hair. 
I'm in no way advocating cutting hair for pay without a license, but simply cutting your spending by cutting your families hair.
Now I have a question for my readers. Honestly, what do you think of the Booper's new style?  


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