Less than a Dollar Spot!

Those that know me, know I love Target. One of my favorite places to shop in Target, is the Dollar Spot. You never know what goodies will be waiting there when you go. I love to look through this spot, and I've been known to find some great scrapbooking supplies for just $1!
 My husband and I were trying to find things to do in the air conditioning yesterday since we were a bit bored at home and it was 106 degrees outside. We decided to go to Target, and of course my first stop is the Dollar Spot. I noticed the clearance sign as I was walking towards my favorite section, and I got excited. All the blue dot merchandise was marked down 70%, so that meant it was all just 30 cents each!  I love having gift bags on hand for those unexpected gifts you have to grab on the run, and they have some cute ones in the dollar spot. I bought some larger ones for the 30 cents, then they also had some smaller gift bags in a two pack for....you guessed it 30 cents! I also found some packs of scrapbooking papers for the clearance price of 30 cents. Yes, I stocked up on gift bags, scrapbooking supplies, and some cute Hello Kitty gear. If you are looking for some great deals for 30 cents, you might need to check out your local Target's dollar spot! ~Becky

Image thanks to graphicfairy


  1. 30 cents!!! Now that is a great deal!!

  2. Thanks for the head's up!!! Going to Target this evening.... I need to stock up on some Gift Bags...hoping they have some left. =)

  3. Wow! I had planned on heading to Target on Thursday so I'll check and see if ours has them same sales! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Target is the best! Glad you were able to score such great deals.


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