A place for everything, everything in it's place.~ Today's Challenge

We have a big house, a blessing. We have tons of junk, I'm a packrat , a curse. Today, I have challenged my self to find a place for every item or it's out the door. There is a peace that comes with having your stuff in order. Let's just say, my house is not a peaceful one right now. I'm working on it, starting now! I wanted to share a little trick I've found for keeping some of the things I have to keep in order. Not sure why, but of all the things my husband will never let go of, Blankets! We have them coming out our ears. We have blankets for Summer, Winter, Fall, and spare blankets for the car in case of emergency. Not joking, we have probably 20 something blankets and throws that we aren't using at the moment. In the winter these do come in handy in our big airy house, so I must find a way to store all of them until needed. Might be old news to you, but I've discovered these vacuum bags that you can fill to the brim with clothes, blankets, sheets, pillows or whatever. Then you suck the air out, and Voila! You have a highly manageable bag that will keep the pests out, and make your items easier to store.

 Here is the bag after being filled with:
  • 1 large comforter
  • 1 standard pillow
  • 1 toss pillow
  • 2 throws 
  • 2 pillow shams
Then I've used the vacuum to suck out all the air.
Now all these items are neatly laying inside the bag, up on the shelf of our closet. They were already stuffed up on our shelf, and would come falling down on occasion when you slid back the door. The blankets had to stay, but now they are in their rightful place and in an organized fashion. This one little thing, makes me feel better about opening our closet, and gives just a little more peace to our bedroom.

Now, I'm off to go see what else I can tackle today!


How do you make a place for everything, and keep everything in it's place?


  1. I have used the vacuum bags also. They do come in handy to store things.I also use plastic storage tubs to keep things sorted and safe in the basement. (Still have tooooooo much stuff!)

  2. Wow...those bags really helped. I used to do really well...used to. Having lived in the same place for over 20 years, things start to expand into other rooms/places. No I definitely don't have a place for everything. It's something I have started working on...hopefully, they are right with starting is half the battle.


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