Smiley360~My take on 5-hour Energy

I've been a smiley360 member for while now, and it's always fun to receive products for free to test and review. My latest mission from smiley360 was to test 5-hour Energy.

If you've never heard of 5-hour Energy it's a little bottle packed with B-vitamins, amino acids, as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, no sugar, and just 4 calories. I had never tried this, though my husband has used this in the past.

 I received 2 bottles for free, the Berry flavor, and Pomegranate. I tried the Pomegranate first, and I only drank half the bottle, since I didn't want to get jittery. The taste was very tart, and slightly bitter, but tasted like pomegranate. I didn't experience any aftertaste, which surprised me. I didn't feel hyped up, jittery, or much different at all. Having plenty of energy to get things done that morning, I never felt a crash either. So far, so good.
The Berry tasted better to me, no bitterness to it like the other flavor. I felt pretty much the same with either one, I couldn't tell a huge difference, but I did have energy so that's good. I liked the fact they only had 4 calories each bottle, since I'm trying to lose weight. I appreciate the fact there is 0 sugar as well. How much energy it actually gives is hard to say, since I have no idea how much I would have had on my own. I felt no harmful side effects and they both tasted good enough to drink again if I wanted to, though the Berry would be my first pick. ~Beck
A little more about 5-hour Energy:
  • Quick, simple
  • Fast and easy to consume
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero herbal stimulants
  • Only 4 calories!
  • B-vitamins and amino acids
  • As much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee
  • Also available in a Decaf version
  • Non carbonated 
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  1. I want to try this! A few of my friends say they really like it and it helps too. Gr8 review!

  2. These really do work without the fast downhill part. It really lasts a full 5 hours but after that, that's all it can give you.


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