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I've had a very busy weekend. As you all probably know I'm the mom to a very busy little guy we call the Booper, I love scrapbooking and reviewing great products, but here's something you might not know. I'm a fund raising manager to a local private school, The Education Center Inc. I love volunteering at the school on lots of different levels, but setting up and helping with raising funds is where I can be most effective. The school has applied for nonprofit status, but we are still in the waiting process. Praying the process will move a bit faster! In the mean time we have to raise funds to cover the budget gaps tuition doesn't meet.

On Saturday we launched our biggest fund raising event to date, and I want to say I was not the leader over this event so I don't want to take any credit away from the all the great people who thought this up and helped to make it a success. This was an all day event at our local fairgrounds in a huge outbuilding. We started the day with a yard sale/bake goods sale, then we hosted a vendor fair. This is where I had a lot of fun. I purchased booth space for my blog, and lots of people got to hear about this fabulous island! I passed out Boogie Wipes samples and coupons and I was able to share my opinions about some of the great products I've been honored to review. As you can see from the picture I was able to show off the Scuttlebug from Schylling Toys. I was happy to get the word out about my blog, but it was awesome knowing my money was going to great cause, so it was a  win/win.

There was a dog agility fun show going on in a huge section of the building throughout the day, and I couldn't believe the talent of the dogs and the dedication of the trainers. If I get Luna to just sit when I ask her to I feel proud. These people and their animals were awesome and the Booper had fun watching all the dogs perform.

We closed the event with a concert, and rocked out to lots of great music played by a local band. It was a family friendly show, and all the kids had a blast dancing around and playing with glow stick necklaces.
Today, I'm exhausted from all the events of yesterday, but it was all worth it.
 I crashed last night with a smile on my face. ~Becky

Click the link if you want to read more about ways to help The Education Center Inc.

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