Create Abilities For Kids {Review}

The Booper loves having the chance to help mommy, he is always asking to help me with chores around our house. I love when we get to work on a review together, and he loved helping me review this craft kit from Create Abilities For Kids. Create Abilities For Kids is a monthly subscription service offering art kits for young children. Their kits arrive at your door with everything you need to create two fun art projects. We received the February art kit selected for a 3 year old. Each project in our kit was themed for February, one for Groundhog day and one for President's day.

The box came in perfect condition, and each art kit was packed separately in clear bags with all the supplies we needed and the project instructions. First we decided to make the Groundhog day craft, which was a groundhog face. The Booper was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to make a craft. He couldn't wait to get started! At first I helped him and I was putting all the glue on for him, but then I realized he wasn't getting the full experience so I let him have the foam brush. He was so proud of himself when we finished the cute groundhog he asked for more crafts. Why wait for another day? We opened the next kit and this time I let him do all the gluing.

The second project in our kit was a log cabin made from pretzel sticks, this was in honor of Abraham Lincoln for President's day. The Booper had his foam brush ready and to get started. I helped guide him on where to put the door and windows then I set him loose to glue the "logs"on his cabin.

Watch the Booper as he works on his Log Cabin project from Create Abilities For Kids.

Both of these art projects were fun, age appropriate, and clean up was a snap! I loved having some great quality time with my favorite little guy talking and working on these projects. Seeing the Booper's face beam with pride when he pointed out his new projects on our fridge to his daddy was priceless. Create Abilities For Kids art kits made these fun projects easy to take out, complete, and clean up all in a short amount of time. Spending quality time with your child and sparking their artistic side doesn't have to take your whole day. We completed two projects in less than 20 minutes thanks to Create Abilities For Kids everything was ready to go when we were.Thanks for reading our review of Create Abilities For Kids! ~Becky

With reasonable pricing and discounts for multiple child families Create Abilities For Kids are worth every penny to have those quality moments with your kids! 
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We received this art kit free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are our own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.


  1. This looks really fun!! I am going to check them out for my niece! I am sure she will have as much fun as Booper! Thank you for all the great things you bring us!

  2. That groundhog is cute! And I love the Lincoln Log house!

  3. We love Create Abilities For Kids!!! I really enjoy having some one on one time with my 5 year old. =)

  4. These look great! I love little kits that are easy to do and make something creative. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fun and cute. Perfect for today. Any fun crafting or snacking today? I like the idea of this kit. Great for kids and adults to have the idea all together.

  6. It's President's Day, and this kit would be really cute. Great that the activity has a theme that fits that month. A great creative time and a little learning, too.


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