Dishes Sparkle with Cascade Platinum (sponsored)

I participated in this campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.” All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.

When I applied for the chance to review Cascade's new PLATINUM product, I hoped I would be selected. Most of my friends and family all use Cascade and rave that it's getting their dishes clean, but I wanted to put Cascade's new formula to the test for myself. I received the full sized package (pictured above) for my review. These handy little pouches are so easy to use, simply place one pouch in your dishwasher close the lid and you're ready to rock!

With the grease fighting power of Dawn you can see these dishes are shiny after being washed with Cascade Platinum. Even mister monkey face plate is smiling and happy to be clean without a yucky leftover residue.
Keeping my colorful fiesta dishes bright, Cascade Platinum works hard so I don't have to. Silverware and serving utensils come out of the dish washer spotless and shining. Hard water stains and water marks are something we've always had a problem with, but not with Cascade Platinum. Take a look at the inside of the dish washer after just finishing a load of dishes. What do you see? All I can see is clean dishes and a clean dish washer. It's hard to put your dirty dishes into an already dirty machine and expect them to come out clean. Cascade Platinum is formulated to have their best film prevention to keep your machine sparkling. I have to say it looks good to me!

I think we can all agree that when food looks delicious we are more likely to want to eat it. I know for me going out for dinner if my plate or flatware are dirty it's a turn off. Presentation is huge, and having clean dishes is the first step for food presentation. Cascade Platinum has partnered with Gail Simmons from Top Chef to open a discussion about food presentation and clean dishes. Have a look at Gail Simmons talking about Cascade.

Do you like sharing pictures of your place setting or the perfect dish? Let me introduce you to Cascade's Platinum Contest. This is a four week long contest offering entrants a chance to share their pictures on Instagram for a chance to win a Grand Prize Platinum Kitchen Makeover. If you like to share pictures and want to enter this Cascade Platinum Contest find all the details and rules at My Platinum Instagram. Go get registered and start sharing now this event closes on June 30, 2013! Be sure to follow on Facebook for all the latest Cascade product news and updates.


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