Fun With A Flag On Top - Lincoln Logs Review

I received this toy free for review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.
If you judge a toy by it's enduring quality and it's lasting fun, then nothing can stack up to Lincoln Logs. As a child I played with a set of Lincoln Logs and I remember how fun it was to stack them up and build what was a mansion in my eyes. When we received this Horseshoe Hill Station play set for review all those fun memories came flooding back to me. Excitedly tearing into the package I realized I should probably let my son play with them first. I was a good mommy and handed them over to let the Booper. He had a chance to experience the joy of building on his own before I jumped in and we built the station together.

We used the included directions to put the station together, then we found it was fun to create our own house so we had lots of extra pieces to build a fence for the horse and cowboy. As you can see from the picture above the Booper had to get down and walk the cowboy into his newly built ranch home. He had a great time taking the roof off so he could see the cowboy figure inside the house. Making his voice sound really deep in what I assume he thinks sounds like a cowboy the Boop said, "This is my house, and I like it!". We took the play outside so we could have plenty of light to see inside the buildings we made. This fun 83 piece set included the cowboy, horse, roof, door, and a flag (which was very important to the Boop).

It's not complete without the flag! 
Good toys are fun alone, but some of the best toys know how to play well with others. Lincoln Logs can endure through all the new trends in toys because they have the ability to fit into your child's play. Like most boys the Booper loves cars and trucks. One day while playing with his cars an idea popped into his head...he needed garages! He came running to me with his box of Lincoln Logs and his cars and asked me to help him build garages. Together we made a simple "garage" for his toy cars, so he could easily roll them in and out as he played. It wasn't long before he could build this for himself, but he still asks me for help just to have a play buddy. I loved when the Boop stacked a few logs together and pulled up his car to the "gas station" complete with guzzling sound effects! His imagination always amazes me. 
Lincoln Log "Garages"
From a child of the 80's and now my 3 year old son too, Lincoln Logs are built for fun with a flag on top!
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  1. I love the garage. He should be proud of his house. He did a great job and had fun. The flag is just the cherry on top. :)
    Sherry Compton


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