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Last month I had the pleasure of going to one of the biggest blogging conferences, Blogher13 in Chicago. While I was there I had the opportunity to meet up with some amazing brands and taste and try some new products. One of the booths I visited at the Expo was the Keurig Brew Over Ice booth. At that time I did not own a Keurig, but I thought they were cool. Then at the Expo I had the chance to taste an Iced Coffee made with a Keurig. The lovely young woman who was working in the Keurig booth walked me through the steps of using the Keurig, and how easy it was to make coffee house coffee in just 2 minutes or less. I was so impressed with the ease of use and the taste of the iced coffee she made for me I came home and bought a Keurig brewing machine. Yes, I loved it that much.

Walking into the store I was in awe of all the choices for K-cups and I wished there was a way I could sample some different flavors to decide what I really liked best. Would you believe the very next day I had an email from Keurig offering this fun sampling review? Well it happened, and I'm so thankful when things work out that way! I received a fun brew over ice package which included, 3 Brew Over Ice K-cup Samples, 1 Brew Over Ice Tumbler, 4 Coasters, Lighted Ice Bucket, and Tongs. The coasters were fun, the Booper decided they were frisbees to throw around our kitchen. At least they kept him occupied so I could wash my tumbler and get some ice to start brewing.

I started with the flavor I had tried at Blogher, Sweet and Creamy from the Donut House Collection. Yum! This is definitely the reason I wanted to buy a Keurig. I'm hooked, and I know it. I like my coffee to be sweet and creamy but still have the bold coffee flavor I love, and this one has hit the spot. I love having iced tea at home but I'm the only one in our family that drinks it so having the big teamaker sitting on my counter ended up going in a yard sale. Now with my Keurig I can have a glass of iced tea any time using the same brewer we use to make coffee. I tasted the Snapple Peach Iced Tea next and though I liked it I still prefer an unflavored tea. I've had fruit flavored tea in the past that I couldn't even drink because it was just overly sweet, but this was good at not being overbearingly sweet, just not my first choice. The last sample to try was the Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Iced Fruit Brew. This was just not for my taste buds. Out of the 3 flavors I was given I still love the Donut House Collection's Sweet and Creamy the best, and I'll stick with my unflavored tea, but every once in a while the Snapple Peach Iced Tea would be a nice change of pace.

I'm in love with my Brew Over Ice Tumbler! Starting to feel spoiled I have two of them and I use them all the time now even when I'm drinking water I grab my tumbler and add some ice for my water. Sometimes it's the little things that make me feel pampered. The lighted ice bucket is fun, and I plan to show it off when I have my friends over for iced coffee and tea. I look forward to trying more of the Brew Over Ice flavors and finding a new favorite to enjoy at home.

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Brew Over Ice
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  1. Yes I have a Kuerig and have tried the Iced tea--love it.

  2. I do have a kuerig and I have wanted to try the brew over ice but I just haven't

  3. yes, and I love my brew-over-ice tea!

  4. I have a Keurig and have tried the Lemonade.
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