Shine On! Banana Boat Review

I participated in this campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat. I received product samples and promotional item as a thank you for participating.”
When you have children you don't even feel like you have a choice but to be outside in the Sun. Kids need that outdoor playtime and trust me my house needs the Booper to play outside as much as possible too! I love playing with the Booper outside and taking him to our local splash park. Soaking up the sun is great for my mood, sunny days make me feel happy and I'm not the only one. I know there's been lots of research that suggests sitting in the sun is great for depression. The last few years I've had to consider the safety of being exposed to the sun as much I have in my lifetime. Both of my parents have had skin cancer spots removed from their skin, my mother has had 3 places on her face, and one required special technique to try and keep her eyebrow in place. With all that in mind I now look at any sun burn as too much. I never want the Booper to have a sun burn, I will make sure he is always lathered in sunscreen or sun block.

I remember once as a child on a family vacation my mom was making my sister and I wait to go jump in the water until she had smeared sunblock over us. Of course we were anxious to go jump in so I kept asking if she was done yet. Finally after what seemed like an entire bottle of sunblock was spread over my skin mom says I can go. After spending several hours at the beach, we headed back to our hotel. Ouch! there were some spots on my back where my mom couldn't see she had missed while lathering on the sunblock. The tops of my ears were also burned. Wearing hats and big t-shirts the rest of our vacation wasn't much fun. Banana Boat has a really awesome sunscreen for Kids that will help prevent that from happening for our Booper.

Using Banana Boat for Kids I can easily see where I've put the sunscreen since it goes on thick and white. This helps to know you've covered all their exposed skin and it's long lasting, but I think it's always a good idea to do some touch ups when kids take a break when you're going to be in the sun for an extended time. Of all the Banana Boat products we were able to try for this review I really liked the Kids best since it's Tear Free and Sting Free, plus the fact that it's a 50+ protection. I have very pale skin with lots of freckles ( I don't want more) so I also use this one on my face especially my nose.

By making sunscreen a regular part of our outdoor play routine the Booper understands now he has to get his 'special lotion' before he goes off to play. I'll admit I hate putting on sunblock or sunscreen for the time it takes to make sure I'm covered, but I'm in love with the Banana Boat Sport Performance Coolzone spray. The Coolzone spray is easy to spray on and go- with no rubbing! I've used other sunscreen sprays in the past but I still had to rub them in to get full coverage, but not with Banana Boat. Super fast and easy there's no excuse for not protecting your skin! Perfect for every day use is the 2-in-1 Protect and Hydrate by Banana Boat. Made with Aloe this sunscreen is great to keep your skin hydrated and protected while out and about. For babies Banana Boat has a Natural Reflect 50+ that's hypoallergenic and fragrance free, pediatrician tested to be sensitive for babies delicate skin. With all these great sunscreens, Banana Boat really has your whole family covered, so you can get your happy time in the sun!

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  1. this sounds easy to use

  2. The sports block is awesome! These were very useful for us this summer.

  3. I love Banana Boat. It is my favorite. I use sunscreen year round, and have tried many brands, but this one is still the one I love.


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