Campus Book Rentals-Creating Change Giveaway

Looking for a way to save on textbooks? I remember being in college and dreading the day I had to visit the campus book store, because I knew I was going to be broke after. Had I only known then what I know now! If you're a parent of a student or in school yourself I'm sure you're anxious to learn more about saving on text books. Check out this week's Mission Giveaway sponsor Campus Book Rentals and learn how they can save you some money on your college text books by renting. Then be sure to enter for the $50 gift code! Good Luck, and don't forget as always this is a pay it forward event. Offering one prize to keep and one to share!

October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

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 October being Vaccine Injury Awareness Month we want to invite parents, caregivers and anyone with questions about vaccine related injury to join us. Markus Heinze author of VACCeptable Injuries? is opening his Facebook page for readers to discuss vaccine related injury, ask questions and give support. This event will be held on October 1, 2013 from 9-11pm EST. National Vaccine Injury Lawyer Patricia Finn, Attorney, P.C. from New Yorkwill join us to answer general legal questions regarding vaccine injuries and the legal process in obtaining compensation for these injuries. Book giveaways plus the chance to win Amazon gift cards for those who participate. Please visit the Vaccine Injury Awareness event page to RSVP so you don't forget to join us on October 1, as we kick off Vaccine Injury Awareness month. 

Be sure to follow author Markus Heinze on Facebook or read more about Vaccine Injury Awareness on his site. We hope to see you all on Tuesday-please invite your friends and family to attend this educational event.

Save $5 on Tickets for DisneyLIVE!

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I got so excited that I felt like a kid again when I read DisneyLIVE is coming to a city near me. I've taken the Booper to see Disney on Ice, and now he's a little older I can't wait to take him to this production! With some of my favorite characters like Belle, it's sure to be a great time. Making fun memories with my little guy by going to a show we can both enjoy will be worth every moment! Read on to learn more about the show, and how you can save $5 off your ticket purchase. 

HOYA Eye Glass Lenses #MissionGiveaway

Happy Fall! How the time flies, and we are on a new week with another fabulous Mission Giveaway event offering up a very useful prize. My husband's eyesight requires glasses, and I can speak from experience that you can never have too many pairs of glasses. He has saftey frames for work, transitioning frames for good use, and a regular pair that are older he keeps as back ups, and still he probably could use a new pair since his others are so well used. Enter this event for $100 in lenses from HOYA and make one of your friends happy too! Good Luck!

Off the Wall Clean with BabyGanics

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Around our home no surface is safe. The Booper's hand prints seem to end up in the craziest places. If I'm not cleaning toothpaste off the wall or crayon off the table, I'm worried about the germs I can't see. I've even caught myself thinking, "Would this really be safe if he licked this right now?" Who knew you would have to worry about your child licking the wall? Yes, it happens. Strangely, more than you would think. Being a mom it seems I have to worry about the dirt and sometimes about the products I use to clean up the dirt and germs. Using strong or toxic chemicals just to clean a surface the Booper is going to touch again a thousand times seems counter-productive. I want to keep him healthy and safe.

You may remember I've reviewed BabyGanics products in the past, and I was impressed. This time around is no different. I've used this BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner spray all over my house, but mostly the surfaces the Booper touches often. I've cleaned our kitchen table, kitchen cabinets, door handles, and much more using the BabyGanics' All Purpose Cleaner.

Motivate Your Child to Clean Their Room for FREE!

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Looking for a great way to motivate your child to do their chores? Positive reinforcement at it's best you should join my job chart today and get them to start cleaning their room on their own! The BEST part is it's FREE! Join this online chore chart that motivates your kids and earns them rewards that they can save, donate to charity, or spend on toys! 

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Have old cell phones or electronics in a random junk drawer somewhere in your house? We do, and now I know what to do with all those used electronics we don't use-sell them! Check out this week's Mission Giveaway sponsor and learn how to sell your unwanted gear without the hassle! uSell is this week's sponsor offering up a useful $50 Amazon code! Find out more and enter for a chance to win this pay it forward prize below. Good Luck!

SmartOnes- Email Sign Up and Save

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I've found that everyone gains and loses weight in different ways. We all have things that work and things that don't. Lots of people find using ready made dishes help them keep track of where they're at each day, and right now you can sign up for Smart Ones email list and get exclusive deals, recipes, coupons and more! 
Sign up today, and get your  $4 Smart Ones Coupon! Enjoy!

The fine print: May take up to 24 hours for your coupon email to arrive. 

Watchful Eyes- A Scary Story With A Happy Ending.

It's bothered me every since it happened yesterday. I try to think of something else and my mind wonders back to all the "What Ifs" even though this story had a happy ending it disturbs me all the same. I have to share with you if for no other reason than to just pour it out here so I can let it go.

I'm not writing this to drive people to fear, but to wake you to the very real dangers that face our children. Don't get me wrong a good dose of fear might lead people to change the habits that put their children in danger, and perhaps cause businesses to take a second look at policy. So here goes.. the story of how we learned of the watchful eyes.

Being under a lot of stress the last few weeks trying to be a mom, wife and blogger keeping up with all my obligations I chatted with my blogging partner Amanda and told her I need a day off. I wanted to make a day of fun for the Booper. My mother called and invited us to join her and my niece and nephew for lunch and fun times at a popular children's gaming restaurant. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go since all of my obligations were pulling at me, but I knew the Booper would have so much fun-so we went. We ordered pizza, and got tokens for games, and the kids were so excited. The Booper ate more food than I've seen him consume at one meal in ages. He would do anything to get to go play those games emitting all the flashing lights and fun sounds. My mother divided up the tokens and I went with the Booper and she with my nephew, my niece is older so she went back and forth between us. All were having a great time and the Booper thought it was fun to just stay at one game feeding the machine token after token, I had to coax him to move on to something else out of my own boredom.

While I was attempting to persuade the Boop to try a new game, my niece walked up and says. Mamma told me to come over here and stay with you, I simply responded, "alright". Then she tells me, " I think a strange guy was trying to talk to (her brother)".  "What!?" I ask.  My eyes start darting around the room doing a mental checklist of all the important people, The Boop check, my niece check, scanning for my mother and my nephew. Then I spot them at the counter talking with the manager. I catch my moms eyes, bewilderment. What happened? What was said? Who was it? Oh my goodness the wheels in my head are about to spin out of control, my mother bear instincts raise my hackles and I'm ready to claw someone's eyes out.

I didn't want to alarm my niece or the Boop so I wait for my mother to finish talking and come over to explain what had happened. Here is the timeline of events that make my stomach do somersaults.

My mother walked my nephew over to play ski ball. Unknown to either of them a man was outside for several minutes watching my nephew. Then he came inside, even bold enough to tell the worker that he was coming in to watch my nephew. The worker assumed that he knew our family or was a relative so she let him right in. He stood behind my mother and nephew and kept trying to strike up a conversation with them. When my mother started ignoring him he came closer and tried to talk only to my nephew. As if that isn't strange enough. My mother started to feel defensive and took my nephew's hand and said to him, "Come on, (nephew) let's get away from this strange man." As they turned to walk away, the man took off at a run. Then proceeded to leave the restaurant. My mother seeing him run went straight to the front counter to talk to the workers. That's when she learned the man had told the worker he was coming in to watch my nephew, and that he had been watching him from outside through the window.

After much discussion I urged my mother to call the police. There is nothing right about an adult man watching a child he doesn't know through a window then coming in to talk to that child. The manager of the restaurant printed the man's picture and now the police have it and the incident on file. There is just something in my gut that says that man had bad intentions. Today, I'm thankful that nothing truly bad happened yesterday. All the kids had a great time, but my mind lingers on what might have happened had my nephew been unattended or it been another child who's family wasn't watching closely.

I needed to share this and just let other moms and aunts like me know about this situation. Perhaps we overreacted, but I don't think so. After the incident the restaurant manager talked with my mother and his employees, and he let us know that yesterday's events will be changing the way they conduct business. The police stated that even when they found the man for questioning no crime was actually committed so all they could do was talk to him. Even so, I'm happy to have the man alerted to the fact that now eyes are watching him.

Do you think we overreacted? Was this incident worth getting the police involved? How would you have responded to this situation?

Growing Up Online- Online Safety for Kids

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In this crazy world we live in you can never be too safe when it comes to your children in my opinion. Talking with your child about online safety is as important as teaching stranger danger, once your child is old enough to be going online. This campaign is very important and I'm happy to have this opportunity to share with you these great tips and discussion starters for parents and caregivers. Take the quiz, be sure to download the FREE eBook and enter for a chance to win The Lorax on DVD and bluray combo.

Thoughts on Mindfulness {Book Review}

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I was recently given the opportunity to review the Mindfulness Workbook for Dummies. As I cracked open this workbook to dig in and find out more, I wondered to myself, "Just what is mindfulness?". This book is designed to answer questions like, "What does it mean to be mindful?", and "How will this improve my life? Honestly I was worried it would be a little bit over my head, and I might get lost in the deepness of it all, but I learned the whole concept is quite simple, which means this book did a great job. Making mindfulness accessible to even the beginner or dummy as the case may be.

Crafty Communications with Night Owl Paper Goods

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If you follow my blog then you know I have an addiction to paper crafting, and I can't get enough! I love creating projects with different card stock and designer papers, but recently I was introduced to a whole new medium. When I learned about Night Owl Paper Goods I thought what most people wood, that they use the typical card stock for their cards, but wood you believe they actually use wood? What makes this Paper Goods company different is what makes them special. I don't have to go out on a limb to say they are passionate about what they do, I can see they are by their products. I received a bundle of goodies to review, and as you can see in the top picture they all arrived in a printed cloth sack. I was immediately impressed with the overall attention to detail and quality. Owl have to say I was in love with the fact that each card was individually wrapped to keep them organized and looking great. (Excuse all my puns, I couldn't help myself!) 

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Have some big cleaning jobs to do around your home? Check out this Mission event sponsor and learn how easy their Clearon Bleach Tablets are to use. I think it's great you can use them in power washers. I know from time to time my parent's home gets mildew on their shaded siding, so this would work great to help with that. With Christmas coming quickly this prize of a $50 Visa Gift Card will be perfect for paying it forward to a friend. Enter below and good luck!

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Pest Education Quiz and Giveaway

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Do you get the heebie-jeebies thinking about pests crawling around your home? Have you ever flipped on a light to see something scurry quickly under your kitchen cabinet? Then you may need to take action and educate yourself about pests. 
The best way to protect your home is education. How much do you know about household pests? They don’t have a place in your home, but pests do have a place in the world. From science and forensics to art and culture, pests play an important role.
Take the Pest Test Quiz to find out how well you know about our tiny neighbors! Then enter for a chance to win this ORKIN Home Education Kit! Orkin are EXPERTS in bug science and developing customized solutions for keeping your home pest-free!

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