October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

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 October being Vaccine Injury Awareness Month we want to invite parents, caregivers and anyone with questions about vaccine related injury to join us. Markus Heinze author of VACCeptable Injuries? is opening his Facebook page for readers to discuss vaccine related injury, ask questions and give support. This event will be held on October 1, 2013 from 9-11pm EST. National Vaccine Injury Lawyer Patricia Finn, Attorney, P.C. from New Yorkwill join us to answer general legal questions regarding vaccine injuries and the legal process in obtaining compensation for these injuries. Book giveaways plus the chance to win Amazon gift cards for those who participate. Please visit the Vaccine Injury Awareness event page to RSVP so you don't forget to join us on October 1, as we kick off Vaccine Injury Awareness month. 

Be sure to follow author Markus Heinze on Facebook or read more about Vaccine Injury Awareness on his site. We hope to see you all on Tuesday-please invite your friends and family to attend this educational event.

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  1. Vaccines and illnesses and health are important year round. I am glad that this was discussed. It's scary all the side effects and injuries. You need to be aware of it all.


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