Faster Fruit For On The Go Kids! GoGo squeeZ Review

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Just this week as I was cleaning out our refrigerator I was wondering how much money our family wasted a year on spoiled fruits and veggies in the past. We've been implementing small changes in our diet to be healthy and one of those changes includes actually eating more vegetables and fruits. I've always purchased lots of fruits and veggies, but they just end up turning to mush at the bottom of our crisper drawer until recently. My husband and I have really taken on our new challenge to not only lose some weight but to just change the habits and make long term changes for our family so we can be healthy for life. While we conscientiously made the decision the Booper didn't really have a say in the matter. Changing from sweet sugary snacks to healthier natural sweets can be trickier when it comes to children. Making good choices for foods sometimes comes down to the simplest thing as what is easy to grab. When you're out and about hustling from place to place living an active life you don't want to stop for too long just to eat. That's just how our Booper is he wants to eat fast and move on to his next game of play. My niece (pictured above) is the same way though she isn't quite as active as the Booper, she likes snacking just the same! I was happy to share these delicious GoGo squeeZ  applesauce pouches with my niece so she could enjoy a fast fruity snack.

Inviting kids to #GoGoPlayfully GoGo squeeZ fruity pouches come in 11 different flavors. My niece loved the Apple Grape flavor the best of the 3 flavors we tried. I had to test them out myself and I think I agree with her that it was delicious. The Apple Mango was good, but honestly Mango is just not a flavor I would choose so I didn't mind that she turned her nose up a bit at that one. These pouches are shelf-stable but definitely taste better when chilled. Tasting a bit tart the Apple Cherry was my second favorite of the flavors we tried.

I loved learning that all GoGo squeeZ pouches are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Kosher Certified
  • Contain No GMO
  • Gluten FREE
  • Contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup (This is one I've really been looking for lately) 
  • Wheat Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Added Colors or Flavors- Nice to know! 
  • BPA Free Packaging 

For kids on the go that don't even like to slow down for their snacks these easy fruit pouches fill the bill. I love how handy they are and that these fruits aren't going to go bad in your refrigerator kids will want to eat these because they're handy and ready to go anywhere.

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  1. The Apple Grape looks like a one my kids would love.


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