Lazoo Has Fun Wall Decals For Holiday Presents

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Lazoo is a New York City based company inspired to bring creative design to your children’s lives. They encourage a child’s growth and creativity by challenging kids’ minds. They make apps, books, cartoons, and many products including wall decals and tons of cute clothing for kids. Lazoo focuses on developing innovative interactive technologies that bridge animation, apps, and physical products. Their goal is to deepen a child’s engagement with entertainment.

Do your kids love to put stickers or draw on the wall? Now they can hang Lazoo Wall Decals on their walls and imagine a world of endless possibilities! Wouldn’t you love to create and imagine with the Lazoo crew?! Bring the optimistic Miku, helpful Zargatron, curious Kiri, inspired Hoshi, and more of your favorite Lazoo characters into any child's room in just seconds. These delightful Lazoo wall decals will help encourage kids to imagine, create, and discover new possibilities in their bedrooms or play areas. All graphics are easy to apply, remove, and reposition. They can be placed on any smooth surface and moved around as often as you need. They'll never peel away your paint or leave behind any unsightly residue, unlike other stickers!

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You can purchase your Lazoo wall decals for $14.49-$18.99 on their website!

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