When Sweaty Clothes Come Along- You Must Wisk It!

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Before joining this Wisk laundry detergent mission for Smiley 360 I honestly can't remember if I had tried Wisk before, but I will be using it again. I was happy to have the opportunity to test Wisk Deep Clean Original on some of our toughest sweat stained and dirtiest clothes - my husband's work clothes. My husband works hard at his job in power production and many days especially during the hot summer days his work clothes come home saturated with sweat and dirt from the job. Working around a boiler tends to make you hot...or so he tells me. Unlike regular dirt he will have oils and coal dust at times so having a product that can cut through those stains and odors is a must.  

I was given the liquid and these amazingly easy PowerBlast pouches to use on our toughest loads of laundry. I simply tossed in the pouch along with my husband's work clothes and closed the lid to let the Wisk Deep Clean Original work it's magic. I will admit not all of the set-in stains from his clothing came out but the clothes came out smelling great and seemed to be softer than ever before. No more nasty stench and that fresh clean smell really lasted through his work day. My husband even commented on how he liked that his clothes smelled fresh after being laundered and held the fragrance longer than other bargain brands I've used in the past. 

We went on vacation while I was testing these easy PowerBlasts from Wisk Deep Clean Original and they were so convenient because they're portable. ( Warning: Always Be Sure To Keep These And Any Other Laundry Detergent Out Of Reach Of Children) While staying at the condo in Florida we had a great time and even on vacation I was able to keep all of our clothing smelling great! We have the older type of top loading washer at home, but even if you use a high efficiency washer these PowerBlasts are made to work well in hot or cold water. Read what consumer reports has to say about Wisk Deep Clean Original and be sure to follow them on Facebook for lots of useful laundry tips! 

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  1. My husban'd work clothes are also the hardest to clean. He welds and so his clothes are always covered in black yucky and stinking welding smoke, grease, and dust. Yuck!


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