Adorable Children's Shoes From Yochi Yochi - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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Simple. Adorable. Squeaky. Style. 
Are you looking for an original gift idea for the busy toddler on your shopping list? Look no further we have have discovered Yochi Yochi  squeaking toddler shoes! This innocent styling is the latest trend from Japan and is now available for our children in the US. If there's one thing I've noticed about toddlers it's they love to be noticed, and getting your attention has never been easier because with this unique footwear from Yochi Yochi children will squeak when they walk. 

A word from Yochi Yochi: Our shoes are made with a small squeaking diaphragm in the heel of each shoe which causes a small squeak when your child takes a step. The noise is fun, but we think it goes beyond that. With the squeaking sound of every step, you can find comfort in that fact that your stealthy child will have a hard time getting away from your side without you knowing .In addition to safety, many doctors have suggested that when children can audibly recognize their footsteps, the sounds can reinforce the natural rhythm of walking and actually help train them to walk.

Princess Sakura is bound to be your little girl's new best friend! These interactive shoes squeak when your child takes a step, resulting in hours of entertaining fun. 
Captain Zuga, once an outlaw of the high seas, turned away from the pirate lifestyle for a more relaxed career in children’s footwear accessories. While no longer racketeering Captain Zuga still enjoys creating a racket by squealing with delight every time your child takes a step. 

Miss Mushi is more than just a new pair of shoes for your child—she is a new best friend. Though capable of flying Miss Mushi prefers walking and encourages your child to do the same by squeaking with every step she takes.

Prince Kairu is leaping into first place as your child’s favorite shoes! Whether they are hopping around or taking those first steps, the result will be many squeaks of delight.
 All the adorable styles and designs at Yochi Yochi will help you keep track of your little exploring toddler. Each squeaking step will delight your child and possibly give you peace of mind. I'm in love with the precious frog prince and the adorable lady bug designs. The Booper would have been so cute squeaking around in his own pair when he was little! Looking for something for a younger child? They'll want to shake, rattle and maybe even roll over for Yochi Yochi's rattling socks. Each pair of these interactive socks will keep your baby busy kicking to hear that fun rattling sound. Shop for all these toddler shoe styles and more at Yochi Yochi! 

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