Get The Party Started With Frank's RedHot Sauce! {Smiley360 Review}

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I come from a family of football fans. We weren't always football fanatics, but my sister and I both married men who love football, and let's just face it their excitement was contagious. Before meeting my husband I didn't have a clue when it came to football rules or even how to play. Now I find myself yelling when our team makes a running play when I think they should pass. One of my favorites is watching a team in a last-ditch effort try the flea-flicker, mainly because I love saying flea-flicker it's just fun! Football is synonymous with game-day parties, and with the parties comes finger foods.

Football foods have to be quick and easy to make because no one wants to miss a play while working in the kitchen. My husband already loves Frank's RedHot sauce, he uses it on his eggs (which personally I think is gross), but we've always used Frank's to make our hot-wings. Yum! When asked to test out some sauces I imagined I would be making wings, but to my surprise, these recipes were wing free and less mess! First off I tried the Buffalo Chicken Dip pictured above. I baked my chicken in advance shredded with two forks and just had it ready in the fridge. When I was ready to make the dip I used Frank's RedHot recipe with my own modifications. I pulled out my readied chicken, then in a bowl, I combined Frank's sauce, chicken, cream cheese, then I subbed in ranch dressing instead of blue cheese and Colby-jack instead of blue cheese crumbles. This was a case of using what I had on hand. I heated this in the oven until the cheeses were melted and I gave the dip a good stir. Quick and Easy! I had a medium-sized bowl full which we kept in the fridge and pulled out to refill the warming dip tray as needed. This was a thick dip and we enjoyed using white and yellow corn tortilla chips to scoop up our Buffalo Chicken dip in style! 
By far this next recipe has to be the easiest party dip known to man! This Frank's Sweet Chili Cream Cheese dip is amazing. Here's how you make it: Take eight ounces of cream cheese and put it in a dish, pour one cup of Frank's Sweet Chili sauce over the top and serve with crackers, chips or veggies. Done. This dip will have them coming back for more. The combined flavors of sweet and tangy mixed with the creamy smoothness of cheese melts in your mouth. If you've ever had a pepper jelly that's what this sauce reminds me of only sweeter than the ones I've tried before. I give both of these Frank's recipes a ten because the first one is easily modified and still delicious and the second because it requires no cooking and zero prep time. If you're looking for great food ideas to prep for the game-day be sure to visit Frank's on Facebook


  1. We are a football family, too, and snacks play a part in watching. We like Frank's Wing sauce but I didn't realize all the varieties. That cheese dip looks great!
    Sherry Compton

  2. It's the SuperBowl, and food is a must. Snacks and more snacks. I just learned that buffalo chicken dip is one of the most popular snacks here. I know that chips and dip is a very popular snack and easy, yummy recipes are winners.


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