Potty Training With Piyo Piyo - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Amanda received the items in this post for review. All opinions are her own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Annie and William started Piyo Piyo by developing products for children that are green and durable. I thought it was interesting that the name comes from the sounds a duckling makes. I was given the opportunity to review a nice step stool and potty for my daughter. I received the multi-functional deluxe potty trainer that serves as a big girl potty after she has trained on the little one. For the life of me I cannot get her to go. She will sit on it for a minute but I was not able to snap a picture. She’s a very stubborn girl and potty training is sure to be hard with her.

Below I’ve listed some features of the potty. I love the ducklings on it since the design goes well in their bathroom.

• Includes potty base, inner potty, and deluxe trainer seat with lid

• Lid features handle for easy moving

• Inner potty is anti-bacterial treated for hygiene

• Inner potty features hand for easy cleaning

• Skid-proof base so potty won’t slide

• Skid-proof potty can also be used as a bath seat

• Safe, comfortable and ergonomic design first the contours of children’s buttocks

• Trainer seat can be placed on adult toilet

I also received the Piyo Piyo 2 Step- Non- Slip Bath Stool and we love it. I’ve got two other stools in my house that are not two-step and the kids have a very hard time reaching the faucets. It is very sturdy and durable and both my son and daughter find uses for it in all parts of the house, not just the bathroom. I must admit that I’ve used it too. I’m only five feet tall so reaching the high cabinets is a challenge. It held my weight just fine and I didn’t have to climb on the counter!

The design of the bath stool is very slender and sleek. I don’t find it to be too bulky. I can easily move it into another location without it getting in my way. The ducks on the stool also go with our bathroom design. Since I have a boy and a girl I had to do something neutral so I chose rubber duckies. Piyo Piyo fits right in!
You can purchase the multi-functional Deluxe Potty Trainer for $27 and the 2 Step- Non- Slip Bath Stool for $25 on the Piyo Piyo website!

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