Snuggwugg Baby Shower Spectacular Giveaway

There's nothing quite as exciting as a new baby, and everyone loves to snuggle those sweet bundles of joy. I've joined up with some amazing sponsors and bloggers to bring you this spectacular prize package with lots of goodies for baby! If you or someone you know is going to have a baby or has a new baby you won't to miss out on this event! Discover some innovative baby gear and enter for a chance to win below. 

       Welcome to the Snuggwugg Baby Shower Spectacular!

Snuggwugg™, a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner and the world's only smartphone interactive pillow for babies and toddlers, is excited to announce the $1,000 Snuggwugg Baby Shower Spectacular Giveaway.
One lucky winner will receive over $1,000 in baby shower prizes and $75 in Paypal cash for all the extras you may need!

Leap Into Books: The Naughty Leprechaun Story Giveaway

Leaping Lizards! It's a book giveaway hop! I've hopped on this fabulous giveaway hop to bring you some giveaways made just for you book worms. Hop along to each blog on the linky where you'll find fun giveaways that are made for readers, bloggers and authors. Ready to get hopping? Look below and enter my giveaway for The Naughty Leprechaun Story, enter then click to head on to the next giveaway stop. Have a great time leaping into books, and good luck!

Making Good Choices: The Naughty Leprechaun Story Review

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Book : The Naughty Leprechaun Story
When it comes to children's books the Booper has shelves full and I love reading to him. It's funny how he has his favorites and we end up reading one of those favorites almost every night at bedtime. We just discovered a new favorite that we'll be pulling out each year in March. The Naughty Leprechaun Story was written by Stephanie Hicks a mother of two children, and I have to say I love her style. This fun book comes to life with two leprechaun brothers and their story of choices. With lovely illustrations by Ted Dawson the Booper quickly warmed up to these fun loving characters and the children they visit in the book.

Refreshing Vitamin Boost From Dial Body Wash

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I have implemented a new twenty-five minute workout as part of my daily routine. I've been on the diet roller-coaster most of my adult life so this time around I'm not calling it a diet it's just my new way of life. By doing these intense workouts each day I really break a sweat, and let's be honest after a strenuous work out even women can work up some B.O. Jumping in the shower and letting the hot water soothe my sore muscles while I refresh with Dial's new Vitamin Boost body wash is my reward for surviving another day of attempting to do burpees. (I apologize for that mental image)

Free Tide Pod Sample!

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Have you tried the new Tide Pods? Now is  your chance to complete a survey for your free sample! I love how easy it is to toss a pod into the washer and go. Keeping my laundry area tidy is easy when I don't have to worry about liquid spills and messes!  Try them out now for yourself!

Movie Night: The Book Thief Blu-Ray Giveaway

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The Book Thief: every book worm will find this movie interesting. I know the title caught my attention and the story line sounds like a great one. I look forward to watching this movie with my family and I'm happy to have the chance to give a copy to one of my readers. Learn more about this movie available now on Digital HD!

First Glimpse:Dreamworks Mr. Peabody & Sherman Trailer

If you're like me then you've been excited to see some of the new family animations coming this year. One that has caught my attention is Mr. Peabody & Sherman coming to theaters March 7,2014. This new Dreamworks Animation features the voices of Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Stephen Colbert, and Leslie Mann. Mr. Peabody is the world's smartest dog, and his adopted son Sherman seems to be having trouble making friends. In an attempt to impress Penny a girl from school Sherman shows her the "way back" machine and they travel back in time. This looks to be a fun comedy of errors as they all try to unravel the changes Sherman and Penny made in history so they can save the future. I can't wait to watch this one with the Booper! Watch the trailer below and plan to see this one with your family March 7!

Kick Prom Dress Anxiety To The Curb With JenJenHouse

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There's nothing worse than being a teenage girl and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Throw in a special occasion and a full figure and you might have a full-blown melt-down. (I know I did) I hated shopping for clothes when I was in highschool. Nothing ever fit right and the clothes that fit weren't really my style. When it was time to shop for a Prom dress I wasn't enthused since I knew it would be tough to find something in my size that I would actually like. Times are different now, and girls of all sizes can find exactly what they're looking for to make their Prom night everything they've dreamed. Find gorgeous Prom dresses for young women of all shapes at JenJenHouse!

Celebrating Avocados With Wholly Guacamole

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Good things come in small packages, because Wholly Guacamole now comes in delicious Minis! You might have heard of Wholly Guacamole before but you might not know about these satisfying one hundred calorie Guacamole Minis. Perfectly portioned for one serving you can use these handy packs to squeeze onto your sandwich or to dip your chips and veggies. I love how easy it is to pull one of the minis out for my lunch and add some Guacamole spice to my wrap! 

Zipz Stylish Shoe Giveaway

It's back! After taking some time off from helping with Mission Giveaway I'm back to joining these fun pay it forward events. You're going to love how these events work. One lucky winner will get a prize to keep and a prize to share! What a wonderful concept and this week we have a fun sponsor that's wants you to be able to change you style as often as you like. Read more about Zipz below and enter this week's Mission Giveaway! Enjoy and Good Luck!

Strawberry Shortcake:Berry Big Help Coming To DVD

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I remember watching Strawberry Shortcake when I was little girl. I even had a SS themed birthday party for my fifth birthday! It's so cool that Strawberry Shortcake is still around and kids today are getting to grow up with all the berry sweetness I had as a child. I remember I couldn't wait to share SS with my niece and we watched some of the Strawberry movies together when she was little. Strawberry is at it again with a new story about helping friends. You daughter (or son) is going to love Strawberry's latest adventure in babysitting!

Centrum Flavor Burst For Adults

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For every parent who has ever snatched one of your child's chewy vitamins when they weren't looking Centrum has thought of you! New from Centrum are Multivitamin Flavor Burst Chews they're just what every adult has been waiting for. I'm a kid at heart so I can't deny I still love children's chewy vitamins. Taking adult vitamins shouldn't make you cringe, choke or have a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Pediped Baby Shoes Giveaway

The Kids Did It, Coupons and Lesson Plans and The Mommy Island are excited to bring you a fun baby footwear event sponsored by Pediped! Since everyone loves a good mystery we're offering a fun footwear mystery for you. Three lucky readers will get to choose a baby shoe size along with gender and Pediped will send a pair of shoes in the style of their choice! It's a fabulous shoe mystery.

Children's Footwear With Flexible Style From Pediped

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The Booper is growing like a weed, and he's coming up on his fourth birthday. Sometimes I feel like when I blink he has grown another inch. He grows out of clothes and shoes so fast that sometimes I want to hit a pause button. Not only do I get sentimental for the days when he was a toddler who still liked to cuddle once in a while I wouldn't mind not having to change his entire wardrobe every four months. (At least it seems that way.) His feet didn't miss out on the growing spurt, and I was happy to choose this pair of Flex Jupiter boy's shoes from pediped for his next size up.

Hair Care My #TryandTell Story

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Having very long hair I'm always excited to try out new hair care products. This may shock you to know but I have not cut my hair since I was seventeen years old. Taking care of my hair is very important to me because I don't run out and just cut off the split ends. Keeping my hair healthy is a challenge since my hair is very frizzy, dry and brittle. This winter along with it's very dry air has taken it's toll on my skin and hair. 
Walgreens is offering some new products from Dove, Suave and TRESemme to give your hair a little TLC this winter. They want you to try out these new ways to pamper your hair so they're offering a way to save and invite you to #TryandTell! Find out how to join in the discussion below! 

React Fast For Your Safety With React Mobile

This was brought to you by and React Mobile.
If you've ever worked the night shift where you had to walk to your car in a dark parking lot or garage you've had those moments. You know the ones where the hair stands on the back of your neck and you get just a creepy feeling like you're being watched. I know there were several times back when I worked third shift and would be crossing the dark parking lot to return to the main building of the factory and I would get that feeling. Even when you're on a campus that offers security you know they can't be at all locations at once. React Mobile is a self protection mobile App that can be downloaded and used any time you feel uneasy or scared. I hate to feel scared or nervous but there are situations where it's a good instinct. That's when you can pull out your cell and press the shield icon to activate this App. 

Celebrate Your Cartoon Crush Blog App and Giveaway

Everyone has a favorite cartoon character and mine happens to be Scooby-Doo! I've love Scooby for a long time and I remember running to get off the school bus to go watch my favorite cartoon. I never wanted to miss an episode, because I might miss the bad guys getting un-masked. It's funny how we can fall in love with a cartoon and even watching now brings back happy memories from my childhood. This valentine's day we're asking, "Who's Your Cartoon Crush?" take the fun quiz below and enter for a random DVD!

A Sweet Fire- Decadent Chocolate Mousse

Chovocado Fire Mousse by Wholly Guacamole® brand

Photo and Recipe Thanks To
Happy Valentine's Day! Are you looking for something sweet for your loves? You won't be able to get enough of this sweet heat! Cinnamon and cayenne pepper are a bold flavor pairing with sweet chocolate and creamy avocado. This unique mousse will be a showstopper with your family and friends. 
There's also a kid friendly version, just in case it's a bit too spicy for the little ones.
Prep time: about 15 minutes
Serves 2-3

A Natural Beauty With Ecotools

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Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a day for romance, glamour and most of all having a great time. Ecotools beauty brush sets  are just the tools you're going to want in your beauty bag as you get ready for the big lover's holiday. These tools were each created with love. Love and respect for the earth as each handle is made from sleek bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules with soft synthetic bristles and are one hundred percent cruelty free! 

Save On Vaseline With #SprayItForward

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Skin feeling a little dry this Winter? Spray on some moisture with Vaseline Spray & Go! 
This is one of my favorite lotions to use! I didn't even know they have it for men now too. Going to grab some for my husband he has dry skin this time of year too. 

Save up to $4.00 off of two Vaseline or St. Ives® spray lotions – Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, Vaseline Men Spray Lotion, or St. Ives® Fresh Hydration Lotion

Receive one $2 off coupon for you and another $2.00 off coupon - up to $4.00 total - when you #SprayItForward and share with friends. 

Chromebook Laptop Giveaway

Welcome to the "Chromebook Giveaway Event" sponsored by Tip Hero and featuring some great bloggers!

Need to replace your old laptop? We're giving away an Acer C720 Chromebook (ARV: $199) to one lucky winner! How great would it be to win this Chromebook? I would love to have a laptop. Believe it or not I don't own a laptop. I use a desktop and tablet for all my blogging, I'm drooling looking at this laptop. I'll be so happy for the reader who wins this!

Adorable Deal: Free Baby Leggings

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Have you seen all these adorable babies wearing baby legs? The cuteness is almost too much! has tons of adorable styles to choose from everything from Birthday leggings to Cowboy designs. You're going to love protecting your little one's legs with these fun leggings. Perfect for a baby shower gift or just snatch this deal for your baby! Remember you can do this deal as many times as you like simply use a new browser each time! 

Bacon Saves The Salad!

I'm not sure if it's all the Pinterest pictures with bacon or just me, but I've been craving bacon lately. I've always loved bacon, but I have never craved it like I have the last few weeks. I was looking at the chicken I had to cook the other night, and I was filled with disdain. Not another boring salad with chicken on top. I was tapping my foot and trying to think of ways to dress up my chicken flavor for a different salad. Then I spotted the package and I knew I had my answer. Bacon.

Get Cooking With Brylane Home

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Welcome to the "Whatever Goes" Giveaway Hop hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes. The Mommy Island along with a fabulous group of bloggers are excited to share our Whatever Goes giveaways with you. Here at The Mommy Island my sponsor Brylane Home is offering you a chance to win a very useful Slow Cooker made by West Bend. This versatile cooker is the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone with limited space! Read on and enter for your chance to win this Slow Cooker then hop along to each of the events to enter for more prizes!

All-In-One Slow Cooker From Brylane Home Review

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I don't know about you but I just love appliances that make my life easier. When I find one that I really love I tend to rave on about it. This is one of those times I can really emphatically say, "I LOVE THIS!" to everyone I know. Brylane Home has some of the most innovative kitchen appliances around like this 5 Quart Slow Cooker with Insulated Tote and Lid from West Bend.

Menu Changes! #FreeBirdsDVD Giveaway

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Unlikely heroes gobble their way into your heart. This fun new adventure will have your family asking for pizza come next Thanksgiving. Free Birds  jumps right into the action as one brave turkey discovers he is to be the main course at family dinner. Reggie is pardoned by the president he falls in love with pizza and you'll be falling in love with him as he takes this wild journey to saving his kind. Find out more below and enter for a chance to win your own copy of this delightful family movie! 

Feel Good Giveaway

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The Please N Thank You Fitness Feel Good Giveaway is here! Several brands have come together to give you a chance to win unique, innovative health, fitness, wellness and overall feel good products and services for moms, dads, and kids! One lucky winner will receive a prize from each of the brands listed below, and everyone who enters will get something special after the giveaway as a thank you. The giveaway begins February 3, 2014 and will end February 28th at 11:59 PM EST. Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter…the more entries you earn the better chance you have to win! Please share with friends and family and good luck!

We Heart Dinosaurs! Giveaway

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ROAR! Tyrannosaurus is on the move in this new Dino Dan adventure. The Booper was excited to watch this fun dinosaur movie since he loves dinosaurs. Every little explorer will be learning more about dinosaurs in this new family DVD. After watching this the Booper has been asking lots of questions and it's been fun for us to have some dino conversations!

Sweet February With HannahMax Snacks

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 photo Sweet-February-280_zps06d07e21.jpg
Welcome to the 
Sweet February Giveaway Hop
Hosted by Planet Weidknecht and LeahSay's Views
The Mommy Island along with several fabulous bloggers have joined forces to bring you some decadent events offering up fabulous prizes to make your February just a little sweeter! From February 3-15, you can enter giveaways at all the participating blogs listed below. Each blogger is offering a prize of $25 or more!

Life Is Sweet With HannahMax Snacks!

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February being the month of sweetness I decided to indulge my sweet tooth with the help of HannahMax Baking. Recently while strolling down the cookie isle at our local grocery store I happened to spot a bag of HannahMax Cookie Chips. The beautiful packaging caught my attention and my curiosity was killing me I had to know what these Cookie Chips from HannahMax would taste like.

Crazy Cupid Loves Wholly Guacamole

I received the below mentioned products free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. 
Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. See Disclosure. 
Love is in the air! Our family is buzzing with excitement for the Superbowl! My husband has been talking about the Superbowl since back before we knew who would be going and now that the teams are set the anticipation is killing us. Who will it be? One thing we know for sure we will be watching the game and enjoying some of our favorite game-day goodies. Wholly Guacamole has some of the easiest and delicious Homegating game-day recipes that I'll be whipping up for the big game. What is Homegating you ask? Well it's all the fun of tailgating from the comfort of your own home with all the amenities of your kitchen! Enter for a cooler full of delicious Wholly Salsas and Wholly Guacamole below!

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