Luck Be A Baby- MAM Soothes Fussy Babies

When it comes to baby as the saying goes- If baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. That is the truth. Before we brought the Booper home from the hospital I intended that he would never use pacifiers or soothers. That quickly changed as I learned soothing my baby was a good thing. Giving him something to make him feel comfort was what worked for our new family of three. It just happened that my niece and nephew used MAM pacifiers and we felt comfortable using the same with the Booper. Plus- I loved the cute designs!
MAM Feed and Soothe Bottle Set and Pacifiers
The Booper grew and his needs changed and soon it went from pacifiers (which he let go of much easier than I anticipated) and on to training cups. Every new stage's needs can be met with wonderful products from MAM. The Feed and Soothe bottle set pictured above is designed for healthy babies. Offering eighty percent less colic thanks to the vented base these bottles will help prevent air-swallowing.
Everything goes straight to baby's mouth, so why not give them a soothing teether to chew on? When it comes to teething baby might need a little TLC and MAM's new Cooler teethers (pictured above) will offer baby some extra relief. With MAM's Bite and Brush Teether you can care for your baby's new teeth. Made with the soft bristles that are gentle on baby's gums and teeth you're going to love that baby is content. The Booper loved his teethers, and so we liked to keep one in the diaper bag at all times. 

From stylish pacifier designs to teethers and anti-colic bottles MAM designs products to help simply the lives of moms and dads everywhere. Discover their full line of innovative baby gear for purchase at and many fine retailers. 

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  1. 80 percent less colic!?! That is awesome!

  2. The bite and brush teeth is such a great idea!

  3. A teether is a must have for anyone that has a baby. I remember the days and would keep them in the fridge and they were nice and cold and my kids loved them and so did I. Kept them quieted and took away pain

  4. I had a colic-y baby. ANY product that reduces that horrible stuff is OK with me.

  5. I like the bite & brush teether... so cool!


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