Luck Be A Baby- Style Meets Comfort With Crane

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Back before we first learned of the Booper's allergy to Lavender we were making regular visits to an Allergist. The doctor was trying to help us get to the bottom of what was causing the Booper to get sick over and over again. During one of his many times of being sick his Pediatrician recommended we purchase a humidifier for his bedroom. We borrowed a humidifier for a while from my parents and then we discovered the cause of all the sickness. I was using a cleaner with Lavender oil in it. I had no idea. The doctors kept telling me to keep our home as clean as possible so I would dust more, then he just kept getting sick. As it turns out the whole time I was putting more of the thing that bothered him in the air just trying to help him!
Thankfully we now know not to use anything with Lavender and we have the Cool Mist Humidifier from Crane.
There are several reasons I love Crane's Green Drop Cool Mist Humidifier, one being very obvious is the color! Green is one of my favorite colors, and it just so happens the Booper loves green too. Second I love the drop design it's so sleek and contemporary it doesn't look like medical equipment it looks like part of the room decor. Running for about twenty-four hours it's really easy to use and refill each day. The Booper loves the very soft noise it makes while running just above a whisper. It's great that this can be used year-round since the cool mist won't heat up his bedroom on warmer nights in the Summer. (Not that we've had to worry about that yet!) Sitting on the white side table in his room this humidifier looks like a colorful rain drop sending out a nice mist helping to keep the Booper's skin and nose moist all night. The top piece on the humidifier can be adjusted to angle towards his bed at night and to the middle of his room the rest of the day.

The Drop Cool Mist Humidifier features:
  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist Operation
  • Increases Air Moisture For Easier Breathing And A Good Night's Rest
  • 0.9 Gallon Water Tank Runs For Up To 24 Hours
  • Mists Up To 2.3 Gallons Of Moisture Per Day
  • Effectively Humidifies Rooms Up To 250 Square Feet
  • Auto Shut Off Safety Sensor
  • Uses Less Energy Than A Standard Household Light Bulb
  • Does Not Require A Filter
  • 9 Available Colors
Crane offers a nice selection of humidifiers and other products to make life easier and more pleasing to your decor style. Shop all their products for better living!

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  1. What a very stylish and pretty Humidifier. I think that this is a great product for baby. I got sick and so did my family with the scented diffusers. I do not think that people realize that these scents are irritating!

  2. we have a crane humidifier and LOVE it. Well worth every penny spent!

  3. I love the fun color of these! so many times we've needed one of these. i think they are great products

  4. Your son is lucky that you figured out it was the lavender that was making him ill.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. I like the design of the humidifier, They sure have come along ways.


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