Luck Be A Baby- Tommee Tippee Seals Away Odors

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After having three of my own kids, going on my fourth and I take care of kids. Let me tell you how awful our trash smells, I've been on the hunt for a solution. I end up going outside and throwing the toxic diapers away in the outside trash. This is such a hassle, hey I'm an incredibly busy mamma, and now my outside trash smells awful every time I lift the top off. I found just what I was looking for with Tommee Tippe, they sent me their 360° Sealer Diaper Disposal System and I'm excited to try it out.
This diaper pail seals each diaper completely in a film to help lock in the odor. It is the easiest and most effective diaper pail you'll use, it comes totally assembled and ready to use. Put the diaper in, twist the dial and BOOM, sealed tight to keep the stink out!
Fun Facts about the 360° Sealer Diaper Disposal System
  • The diaper pail holds up to 30 diapers.
  • The Antimicrobial film that seals the diapers helps control bacterial odor.
  • The refill seals up to 100 diapers.
  • This is easy to use and extremely effective.
  • When the red line appears on the refill that means it's almost time to change the refill. 
  • You can purchase at BabiesRUs online and in the store. 

Tommee Tippee offers so much for your infant and toddler needs, bottles, breast pumps, sterilizers, pacifiers, teethers, bibs, cups and tableware. If you have a new little one in the family you should do your nose a favor and use the 360° Sealer Diaper Disposal System!

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  1. It sounds like this diaper pail would be just the thing if smell is a major concern for your household. We hope to cloth diaper, so this does not seem as though it would be a good option for us. I'm also not a fan of the amount of waste it creates (bad for the environment), but I can understand the appeal. I'm hoping to find a solution for cloth diapers, as diaper stink in a nursery room (or any room) is no fun.

    Thanks for the product review! : )

  2. Diaper smellls are the absolute WORST and not sanitary to keep in the trash at all for any length of time. I cloth diapered and the non reusables although convenient are tough to dispose of.

  3. It's nice that it holds 30 diapers and contains odors. I remember how unpleasant that can be.

  4. i had no idea TT made these but it looks great. i love the odor sealing feature. we def need one of these

  5. Been a long time for me but anyone using disposable diapers would benefit from this

  6. This is really nice. We are going to use disposable diapers for our newborn because my mom and my grandma had almost 10 lb babies (every time) so I don't see the point in buying newborn cloth diapers if I won't even be able to use them. lol. So we will use disposables until Little Sprout can grows into OS cloth diapers. This would be nice for that stage....

  7. I like that Tommee Tippee can hold up to 30 diapers and that it keeps odors from getting in the house. What a great product!

  8. I love that it lets you know when it is almost time to change it!


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