Spring, Sickness And Other S Words

It's Spring. If I haven't wished you a happy Spring yet...Happy Spring! I've been so looking forward to the new season then I missed it. The first day of Spring came and it went, and our family was none the wiser. Spring typically means a change in weather but this year it's just cold and more cold.

The S word Sick comes to mind. Everyone always says that the weather can't affect your health but it seems that with every weather change I know people who get sick. Our family caught the sickness this go around and the Booper has an ear infection. Mostly I'm just sick of the cold, but I lost my voice. Speechless. Another funny S word not because I have nothing to say but because I have no voice to say it. At least what voice I do have sounds like a seventy year old smoker who just swallowed some sand paper.

Which reminds me. Sand. The S word I miss most. I wish I was at the beach. When you can't speak you might as well be somewhere that you love to just listen. Listening to the sounds of the waves and the ocean and the seagulls swooping down to snatch some morsel off the beach. Imagining dolphins jumping and spinning for their own delight. Sun. Oh how happy that S word makes me just the thought of it on a cloudy day. Soaking up some sun will be the top of my list when we see it again this Summer. Summer! I am getting ahead of myself.

Silly. The Booper is my silly little muse always saying the funniest things. We woke up the other cloudy and gray morning and sitting up slowly the Booper rubbed his eyes then looked around with his mouth hanging open and said, "Oh no Mommy they forgot the sun!" 

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  1. Your lil Booper cracks me up, and I definitely agree, ready for warmer weather and the sun! Hope you feel better fast.


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