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I received the below mentioned product free in exchange for my honest opinions from Eureka. All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. 
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Recently I was given the honor of being selected as part of a Eureka Power Preview Panel for their new vacuum the Eureka Airspeed All Floors. I was asked to put this vacuum to the test and see how it met the cleaning challenges around our home. Of course I couldn't wait to see how well this vacuum worked, and I was hopeful it would meet the challenge of cleaning our floors. With an active four year old and long haired black furbaby running around the house our floors create a special challenge.
Our Home. We live in a tall two-story home built back in 1910 and have mixed flooring throughout. Our home's flooring spans from carpeting to hard wood, vinyl to tile and that's just the downstairs! I feel our home really has put the AirSpeed All Floors from Eureka to a good test of it's abilities. From the box this vacuum does require a small amount of assembly, no tools required. It came together fast and without issues. I used the included quick start guide and was ready to sweep in about three or four minutes.

The Vacuum. Some of the first features I noticed were the on board attachments-they actually attach on board conveniently and they don't get in the way of the hose or cord. This is really handy since my previous vacuum's attachments would fall off and they stuck out which wasn't convenient at all, they all ended up getting stored in a closet. The canister impressed me as well with the ease of use, it popped right in so easily I wasn't sure I did it right. Once I had a look at all the features I set the gauge to be ready for medium height carpeting and I was ready to roll. The easy foot pedal releases the handle and I tapped the red power switch. I prefer having a foot power switch on a vacuum so another plus in my book for the Air Speed All Floors. The vacuum whirred to life and the brush had more power than I was used to I almost felt like it was pulling me forward. The roll brush seemed really powerful and really did a great job on our carpets.

Vacuum Features: 

  • Bag-less
  • Never Loses Suction
  • Airspeed Technology Moves More Air And Removes More Dirt
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
Old Carpets. We have older carpeting so even after vacuuming with my old vacuum I would think our carpet looked flat. After using the Eureka for the first time I was amazing at how well the brush really fluffed up our carpets. After using the Eureka vacuum not only were my floors cleaner but the carpeting actually looked newer as well. This was one of the most exciting things about this vacuum for me.

Pet Hair. Luna is our furbaby she is a long haired black terrier mix we rescued from a shelter seven years ago. She sheds year-round and more when she loses her undercoat. As you can see from the picture above the vacuum really picked up the dog hair! I can't stop her from shedding but now I can keep our floors from showing the evidence.

Kids...and Husbands. I'm not really sure where all the scraps of lint, threads and shreds of paper come from around our home, but this vacuum could hold it's own when it came to a clean sweep in the first pass. It works so well, I accidentally vacuumed up one of my husband's guitar picks. It must have been just under the ledge of the couch. The lower profile on the front of the Air Speed All Floors glides easily under and around my furniture.

Watch my video as I show how well the upholstery attachment cleans under our sofa cushions in a hurry. (Please pay no attention to my nervousness!)

I'm very pleased with this vacuum and I love how I can quickly clean up after our movie night and have more time for things I enjoy. You can connect with Eureka on FacebookGet started on your Spring cleaning now with the Eureka Airspeed All Floors. Available for purchase at Walmart for around $98.


  1. Wow - thats impressive! I need to get a great vac for upstairs (because I'm lazy like that) :)

  2. The attachment brush works great! Love how it cleans up all the rice in no time.

  3. Looked like it has some handy attachments!

  4. I have quite a few pets and the handy hand attachment for the furniture would be fantastic! love this


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