Much Needed Mom's Night Out From Purex

Getting together with friends hasn't been easy since graduating high school we all have busy lives. Since some of us became moms it's harder than ever to go on a girl's night out. Not all of my friends are moms but the ones who are understand it's not as easy as just deciding to go. Moms have to plan their adventures and being spontaneous is a thing of the past (at least for me). My BFF and I are planning a night out to go see a fun chick-flick and I can't wait. I've planned ahead and have arrangements for the Booper and hubby to have their own boys night in so I can "let my hair down" for one night of fun with friends. I'm so happy Purex recognized that moms need to have fun too. Purex is celebrating Mother's Day wants to offer you the chance to win a "Mom's Night Out" where you can enjoy a fun night with your friends.
Watch a funny clip from the upcoming movie "Mom's Night Out" in theaters May 9, 2014! 
Want a chance to take 5 of your friends on a night out? Enter the "Mom's Night Out" sweepstakes courtesy of the laundry BFFs from Purex! Open for daily entry until 5/11/2014 at 3:00pm PT.

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • Limo Service For The Evening
  • Dinner At A Nice Restaurant
  • (6) Free Movie Tickets/Passes
  • $100 For Movie Snacks
10 Runners Up

  • (4) Free Movie Tickets/Passes  
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

 Don't forget to take a night off when you get the chance, and go out and have a great time with friends!
The Booper and I having fun taking selfies last Mother's day. 

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