Spring Bulb Kits From Longfield Gardens Perfect For Mother's Day

Spring is here! Finally. I'm so happy the weather has started to reflect the season change here in our state. We've been so ready to see some sunshine along with warmer temperatures, but while we've been waiting the Booper and I have been planting flowers! I welcomed the chance to share my honest review for this lovely Spring Bulb Gift Kit from Longfield Gardens. I didn't know which kit they would be sending me but I wasn't disappointed when my kit arrived and it was a Terrarium. I've always wanted a terrarium and this one is just the right size to get my flower started.

The Terrarium Spring Bulb Gift Kit included everything we needed to plant our flower except water and sunlight. We added the water and we waited for sunny days to set our terrarium in the light. As you can see in the pictures the Booper had a great time helping me, but I really enjoy looking at my little indoor garden. I love that these kits have containers that can be reused the next year. The ceramic dish is just my style in a pale olive green with a weathered look it fits perfectly with our living room decor! I'm sure I'll be using mine to force flowers next Spring as well. 

The Terrarium Kit includes:
  • 1 Glass Terrarium and Ceramic Dish
  • Soil
  • Peat Pot
  • 1 Begonia Bulb 

I like to share my fun experiences with the Booper and so it's like this Mother's day gift was for both of us. Everyone who sees this terrarium from Longfield Gardens is charmed by it. I know I am. If you're looking for a Mother's day gift or a gift for anyone who loves flowers then I recommend the Spring Bulb Kits from Longfield Gardens. There are four kits to choose from and they range in price from $17-$35 and are available for purchase on their site.

Longfield offers a variety of tips and instructional videos for beginners and for those with a green thumb too. From planting bulbs indoors to garden design you'll find inspiration for your flower fancy at Longfield Gardens. For news and promotions be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. would love to win

  2. Thanks for the great review! Been looking for a terrarium myself!

  3. Your review brought me back to being a kid when we had terrariums in our house. So simple and easy to maintain.

  4. It seems like this Terrarium Spring Bulb Gift Kit has everything you need to grow pretty spring flowers. It's great for someone like me, who doesn't have a green thumb.

  5. This would be awesome to win

  6. I have always wanted a Terrarium. This looks like the perfect way to go. The kit seems to have everything you need. That way I could not mess it up. Thanks for the review!

  7. This is pretty nifty I like how this looks and I like the terrarium part of it- plus its reusable!

    ellen beck

  8. Such a great kit. I like that it has everything and all you do is water. Fun project with kids, too. Today is Floral Design Day. Hope you grew some beautiful flowers to arrange.


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