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This being the Booper's first year to go to school I feel like a newbie mom! The Booper will be attending a private school where they offer a half day K-4 program. There are several reasons we chose to send him to the school he'll be attending, but the fact that they require uniforms didn't influence our decision. I know some people take a strong stand on uniforms versus no uniforms at school, but I've never really thought it made much difference. Being that I come from a homeschool family, I guess I never considered uniforms to matter much in the learning process. What I do believe is this, you can dress for success. I know when I feel I look my best my confidence is higher and it's no different for kids. Having new clothes for school makes the Booper excited to get started.

What I didn't consider about him having to wear uniforms was the cost! School uniforms are expensive, and sometimes difficult to find. While searching Coupons.com back to school sales I discovered a great way to save on school uniforms at Kohl's with a 15% off kid's back-to-school essentials. Perfect! This deal works on school uniforms too! As easy as 1-2-3 you can discover deals, shop and save with Coupons.com!
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  1. Awesome! School clothes for 2 can be expensive, and I had no idea coupons.com had Kohls coupons too. Thanks so much for sharing this deal!


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