Gliding Through Summer With Brylane Home

I received the following item free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.
I grew up in the country. There is just a part of me that will always be a country girl no matter where I live. I loved sitting outside on warm Summer nights and enjoying the sounds of frogs, crickets and occasional coyotes-okay so the coyotes not so much. Everything just seemed so peaceful when you're relaxing outside with family or friends somehow the world seems to stand still even if it's just for a moment. Since we live in town with the Booper I've always worried he'll miss out on some of the outdoor fun I had growing up, but I think he's inherited some of my "country" ways. He loves to go barefoot! He loves playing with sticks..or maybe that's just a boy thing? He loves playing with the garden hose and helping to water the flowers and garden. He loves sitting on our new Double Glider!

 Seat for two please. As I push us back and forth with my bare feet we just talk about the day. The Booper is a hyper child (understatement of the year), and getting him to sit still for any amount of time is a feat in itself. When he's gliding with me he actually takes time to have a good conversation. While I sat looking down at the boy I longed to have for five years and he looked up at me with his bright brown eyes I realized I have been gliding through Summer the wrong way and I ached to glide more this way with him on our front porch. 

Is there a way to glide wrong? Yes! I had been gliding past meaningful moments and hurrying on to the next thing without connecting with my sweet little boy who is growing up way too fast. We need more moments where we engage by talking about the bugs, sticks and rocks that intrigue his busy mind. I know someday he won't remember the conversations we had sitting on that glider swishing back and forth to the sounds of cars passing on our busy street, but he will remember how it made him feel. The reason I can feel so sure about this is I remember sitting on a glider with my great-grandmother at her house. I don't have many memories of her besides some hard candies she kept in a tin on her end table or fireplace and her glorious glider! She didn't have a swing set or outdoor toys for us kids, but when we visited we were able to sit on her glider and swoosh back and forth. I always loved getting it up to a break-neck speed and though grandma might giggle I would hear her or my mom say to slow down. My great-grandmother has been gone for quite some time and I sometimes forget what she looked like, but I never forget how sitting at her house on the glider made me feel. 
Brylane Home offers a nice selection of outdoor seating options, but I highly recommend the Double Glider we received for review. Sitting beside the Booper there's just no better way to glide through Summer! It comes in a box with all the parts and tools needed for assembly. My husband and I put ours together in about 10-15 minutes. It was easy to assemble with all the hardware and pieces labeled(see picture above) and everything boxed with care. 

Are you gliding past the best moments in life? Don't miss out- take a seat next to someone you love and glide through Summer with Brylane Home! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for product news and promotions. 

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