Breakfast Solution: Cheerios Protein

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We never had much of a struggle for time in the mornings until the Booper started school this year. Before school started we would have a leisurely breakfast enjoyed at the table together. I could cook breakfast while he sat at the table and drank some milk or juice and we would just chat about the day ahead. School starting has sped up our morning pace! We have no choice but to get going fast and get out the door to make it to class on time. Thankfully the Booper's school is only a few blocks away from our house, so we don't have much travel time. Cereal in the mornings is how we roll. He doesn't always choose to have milk on his cereal, so it's great to take on the road if we're running late.
I don't know how other kids are at meal times, but the Booper is always starving at breakfast so he eats more in the morning than at lunch time. When I don't have time to cook eggs or bacon I like knowing I have a delicious cereal choice to offer him that is packed with protein. Cheerios Protein keeps our family going through the day by helping sustain energy. I know I need all the energy help I can get, and with school in session I know the Booper needs it too!
Did you know? While 9 out of ten (89%) parents see the importance of starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast, half (51%) admit there isn't time to prepare it.

Not only is the New Cheerios Protein packed with protein the Booper's body needs it also tastes delicious with or without milk! Our favorite flavor happens to be the Cinnamon Almond since our family loves cinnamon. The delicious goodness we've come to expect from Cheerios with the sustaining energy of protein. 

How do you pack in the Protein for your family? 

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  1. yum! we love cheerios here. I havent tried this kind yet but id love too

  2. I haven't tried this kind of Cheerios. I usually have a smoothie in the morning.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I'm always looking to add more protein into my diet, so these cheerios look good.

  4. Protein is important at each meal...especially to start the day. Great that more and more products are adding it in, and making the foods we enjoy healthier for us.

  5. Today is cereal day, and cereal was originally created to make breakfast healthier but meatless. This is a great way to get your protein in in a healthier way. It's nice that they are flavorful, too.


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