Jif To Go Dippers Makes An Easy After School Snack

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I get grouchy when I'm hungry. There just comes a certain time when I need to eat or my mood is affected. The Booper is no different kids can get grouchy when they're hungry and it seems in our house the worst timing is while I'm actually making supper. Anyone else have that problem? I'm standing at the stove and he walks in asking for food and the thirty minute wait for food is just too long. I need something fast for him and something handy so I can finish what I'm doing. I reach for the new Jif To Go Dippers. These handy packs are great for on the go, but also for those moments when if I don't feed him right then both of our moods are going to change. 

With two choices to satisfy those hunger attacks Creamy Peanut Butter or Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter are both delicious. I personally prefer the Chocolate Silk and so does the Booper while my husband can't keep his hands off of the classic Jif To Go Dippers with peanut butter. Each package contains one serving and is a great size to keep in your lunch sack or purse. Having these in my truck when we need a quick snack on the go keeps everyone happy. Both Jif To Go Dippers flavors come with flat crunchy pretzel rounds to dip. Jif has created the perfect combination of sweet and salty mixed with just the right amount of crunch. A great after school snack or just anytime hunger strikes and there's a wait for your next meal. We found them in the checkout isle at our grocery store and you can find Jif To Go Dippers nationwide. Grab these yummy snack packs for your family and dip your way to a satisfying full thanks to Jif To Go Dippers! 

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  1. Yes, the I'm hungry and angry. My stomach growls so I growl. What a great snack to help this. Filling and tastes yummy. Both flavors sound good. It's Do A Grouch a Favor Day.


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