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“The Hockey Saint” is written by critically acclaimed author Howard Shapiro. Illustration by: Marcia Inoue. Colored by: Andres Mossa. The Hockey Saint is a graphic novel. This book is a wonderful story about idolization and finding out that people are just people. Although this book is about a Hockey star and has themes and references to the sport, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it’s message.

The Hockey Saint covers the life of a well know hockey star Jeremiah Jacobson, who is only twenty one. Age has not stopped Jeremiah from becoming one of the most popular hockey stars of the time. He is idolized by many fans, while being criticized by others.

Tom Jacobson, a young college student and hockey player himself is having a hard time with a recent live tragedy. Even though he has the help of his coach and friends, he feel that life could be so much better.

Tom then searches out and finds his idol, Jeremiah, only Jeremiah is not the person Tom thought he would be.

This is a beautifully told story about how one may obsess over their idol and how from a far, their idol’s life seems perfect, but in reality, the person being loved from a far is just another human and has their flaws as well.

Join Jeremiah in his search for a balance in his life. Sure he is a world famous hockey player, but underneath he struggles with the same things most of us do. Jeremiah is a kind hearted person with his own problems.

About the Author
Howard Shapiro Since deciding to start writing children’s stories his goal has been to create characters that adults and kids would care about and be interested in following their journey. And also to create stories that SAY SOMETHING. The Hockey Saint is one of the four current novels written by Howard Shapiro you can discover and purchase his books from his site, Books by Howard Shapiro.  

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  1. Darlene Jones-NelsonOctober 26, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    I would like for my son to read "The Stereotypical Freaks"

    1. I think they are great for kids because of the lessons they intertwine within the story line.

  2. Hockey Days looks interesting


  3. The Stereotypical Freaks looks interesting.

  4. We'd like to read Hockey Player for Life


  5. This would be a good book for my nephew to read. Thanks for the review.

    slehan at juno dot com


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