Adding Color To The Kid's Table: Edible Arrangements

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With Thanksgiving only days away you're probably actively planning your menu and table settings. Setting a beautiful table for the holiday is simple and fun to do. I seem to care more about holiday decor now that the Booper is old enough to notice and get excited to celebrate. Giving thanks on this special day has always been a tradition in my family. We love gathering around a big table at my parent's house decorated with the vibrant colors of Fall. This year as our kids grow and need more room we'll be setting a children's table just for them!
Kids love when you prepare ahead of time and create a festive atmosphere for the holiday. It doesn't take a large budget you can make the day special by simply making homemade place cards or by setting out colorful placemats. This year as you set your kid's table you can save money by making the decor part of the menu! Add color to the kid's table at your holiday party with Edible Arrangements.
Everyone loves to enjoy the holiday by indulging in a delicious meal and perhaps a sweet treat afterwards. Whether you're looking for a scrumptious appetizer to keep young guests happy while they wait for the main course or if you're wanting a sweet treat to delight as a dessert Edible Arrangements has you covered. Their gorgeous creations are perfect for setting a fun and whimsical mood to any celebration. At Thanksgiving your younger guests will love wen you tell them that they get to eat the decorations! With chocolate dipped fruit boxes starting at just $29 these sweet treats are going to be the best part of your menu planning. 

Visit Edible Arrangements today and find lovely Thanksgiving Arrangements to delight all your guests! Don't make your guests wait to celebrate add a delicious creation from Edible Arrangements to your table. 

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