Holiday Gifts For Her: Thirty-One Gifts

I received the lovely gifts mentioned below free for review, all views and opinions are my own. See Disclosure.
There are times when I jump in on every new trend with both feet and don't look back, then for some reason there are times when I drag my feet even when my friends are raving. Thirty-One Gifts didn't catch on for me when I received my first party invitation. At first I just didn't know what it was, someone falsely described it to me as organizing gear for your home. I pictured borish plastic tubs and more products to make me feel sad about my lack of organizing skills. Thirty-One gifts are anything but boring and for me they actually have a happy effect. Their designs are so cheery and fun though they have lots of great products for organizing I would never describe them as just a home organizing company! Even if I was slow to join the voices shouting their love for Thirty-One, I'm going to make up for it now by sharing them as one of my holiday favorite gift ideas for the ladies in your life.
I received the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote in the Sketchy Dot pattern. This is my favorite pattern by Thirty-One since purple is one of favorite colors this season. As you know I'm a scrapbooking addict so I have tons of paper crafting supplies. When volunteering at a local private school I offered to make Thanksgiving cards with all the students, so I needed to haul lots of supplies with me to the school. I grabbed my new tote from Thirty-One and started packing in my tools, accessories and cardstock. I was used to having to pack multiple bags when going out to do paper crafting away from home, but with my new tote I didn't need another bag. Everything fit perfectly and all the outer pockets held my punches, rolling adhesive and ink pads securely and within easy reach! This is the perfect bag for any crafter on your holiday shopping list. 
In the spirit of the season I selected a bag for review for my friend Syd. Sydney and I have been friends for about six years now. During the time that we've been friends, Sydney lost her mother to the fight with breast cancer. We now have a bit of a tradition where I just always buy her something pink for Christmas. Pink of course is the color of bravery for women and men who battle breast cancer. Pink is the color of survival and the color of remembrance. Pink is the color that Thirty-One Gives uses to show that a portion of the purchase amount will be donated to charity. Doesn't Pink Rock? 
This Thermal Tote in the [U R U] design will be perfect for keeping Syd's lunch cool while she goes to work. The generous people at Thirty-One Gifts offered to personalize this bag so now this gift is even more special. Practical and fun with the pink polka-dot pattern the [U R U] tote is a great size to pack a lunch for one. Retailing for just $18 this bag is a great value and I highly recommend having it personalized as well for yourself or your bestie! I can't wait to see Syd's face when she unwraps this gift! 

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  1. Wow what a lot of neat products and what great gifts they would make. I know my daughter would love the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote. She would have a lot of uses for it, I'm sure. dwelchert at yahoo dot com


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