Simple Bedtime Routines With Kid'Sleep Moon

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If you're a regular here at The Mommy Island you might already know my husband works shift work on occasion. When my husband switches shifts it take our whole family time to adjust and even though I try to keep the Booper on a schedule, I want him to have daddy time. As we've adjusted to my husband's most recent work hour changes it's been easier to handle having the Kid'Sleep Moon sleep trainer.
The Booper is definitely the type of child that needs visual reminders along with my verbal reminders that it is in fact time for sleeping. I'm a firm believer in bedtime rituals, we have a few that have stood the test of time and worked well to help ease the struggle. We do bath/shower, brushing teeth, read two books, a bedtime song, and prayers. We're a singing family I sing a lot around the house, and the Booper has picked up on that and I'll randomly hear him singing songs he makes up while playing. One night at bedtime he asked me to sing him a song about sleeping time. We have so many of our own songs, but this is the very simple song we sing together at bedtime:

"Time For Sleeping" by the Booper and Mommy
Time for sleeping , Time for sleeping
Trains chug by,  In the night. 
Time for sleeping, Time for sleeping, 
Stars shine bright, Moon gives light. 
Time for sleeping, Time for sleeping, 
Trains go to sheds, boys go to bed. 
Time for sleeping, Time for sleeping, 
Close your eyes, Rest your head. 
Time for sleeping, Time for sleeping
Mommy loves, Mommy loves, 
You my darling, You my darling, 
Time for sleeping, Time for sleeping. 

Now that we have the Kid'Sleep Moon the Booper really likes asking about the time. Sleep training has never been my best parenting skill, but now I have a useful tool to help keep us moving in the right direction. The features on the Kid'Sleep Moon are easy to use, I did reference the instructions a couple times but for the most part it was obvious. The night light feature has been really great for easing him into sleep. At night he can look over and see the cute bunny sleeping and I think it relaxes him.

Watch this informative video to see all the features and watch the Kid'Sleep Moon in action.

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  1. Darlene Jones-NelsonNovember 22, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    I would like to have foe my Grandson the Kid'Sleep Classic 10 ans, édition limitée

  2. Id like the cross body diaper bag that helps with carrying your child. thats neat

  3. I would love the Kid'Sleep My Lantern for my son.

  4. Oh I love the cross body diaper bag, I really need it!

  5. I noticed that The figurine is illuminated in the sleeping position, so the child knows it still has to sleep; which is pretty neat.
    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  6. Ryan Conklin
    I like the diaper/carrying bag, very convenient

  7. I like the Diaper Bag/Carrier, that's such a great idea!

  8. I would like the diaper bag. The website is in French so I can't read it to learn anything.

  9. I know my grandson would really like this; Kid'Sleep My Lantern-

  10. I love how children can look at the image on the clock and this well tell them whether it is daytime or night time.

  11. the lantern is super cute!

  12. i learned that Because of the 'inverted' pointer of the alarm, it is easy for the child to see how long it will be before it is time to get up.


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