Fetching Fun With The Happy's

I received the below mentioned toy for review, all views and opinions are my own. See Disclosure.
What could be more fun than playing fetch with a furry friend? Pets are fun to play with whether they're real or simply a great toy. The Booper loves pets of all kinds and his newest friend is one of The Happy's from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. His lovable new pet's name is Thunder, and his bright blue fur makes him easy to spot zooming across our kitchen floor. Thunder came with his own special treat that will make him wiggle for joy. Each of The Happy's comes with a treat that unlocks a different trick, such as pounce, chase, wiggle or beg! All treats work with any pet, so the more treats you have, the more tricks your pet can do!

We also received the Chase & Play Ball (sold separately) which takes The Happy's play to a whole new level. This has to be the Booper's favorite way to play with Thunder. When you turn the ball on your pet will chase and find it, on occasion Thunder would even roll up onto it's hind legs appearing to pounce on the ball. Roaring laughter and giggles would erupt each time the Booper would roll the ball and Thunder would find it. Just like playing fetch with a real doggy occasionally we would have to reach under furniture and pull the ball out for the toy pet.

The Happy's pet requires two AAA batteries which are not included and you will need a screwdriver to install them. Once your pet is ready to roll a smooth hard flooring works best. Our kitchen worked the best for Thunder, however a few times the ball would roll through the doorway Thunder had no problem crossing the bumpy thresh hold. As with any toy with powerized spinning wheels be sure to keep The Happy's away from your hair and shaggy carpeting. I explained to the Booper to never put Thunder near his hair and it hasn't been an issue.

The Happy's toy pets and accessories are available at the following retailers; Toys R' Us, Wal-mart, Target, Justice and Radio Shack. The perfect gift idea for the holidays or any time of year for kids!

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