Monday, February 23, 2015

Staying Warm And Showing Our #DisneySide

I received materials used for our party in exchange for this post. All views and opinions and experiences are my own. 
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and when life gives you buckets of snow you throw a #DisneySide party and celebrate a birthday! At least that's how it worked out for our family. My husband grew up in the northeast so he loves when we get some snow here in Indiana. The only problem is, that all that beautiful snow caused us to have to cancel the party we had planned for the Booper's birthday. We asked the Booper what his birthday wish was and he simply asked to go sledding at my parent's house and have an ice cream cake. Makes sense, right? It did to us! We grabbed our Disney CARS gear, packed our mittens, and off to grandma's house we went! Though only a few family members could come and join us, we celebrated the Booper turning five in zooming Disney style.
Disney's CARS is a classic in our family! It's no wonder when we can fall in love with the characters over and over again each time we watch. I'm one of the rare ones, the first time I watched the original CARS movie I thought it was a bit boring and lost interest. It wasn't until I walked in on my nephew watching it and I sat down and watched for the second time that I "got it". Then as the Booper got older and he started watching Towmater and Lightning McQueen's friendship on screen that I really caught the CARS bug. The Booper of course has tons of CARS toys, but one of his favorites for the longest time was his Towmater and Lightning McQueen that he received at Christmas, they were bubble bath toys. He played with them until the wheels literally fell off! It didn't matter though, he kept them and continues to play with them. Those two buddies have been through it all together! Now that my little man is growing so fast, he still loves his old Disney pals, and had a great time celebrating turning five with them! 
Disney offers so many delightful ways to show off your #DisneySide from fun party supplies to everything  you need to plan your next Disney Park trip. Everyone wants to be a kid again when they experience magic and wonder of their favorite Disney characters coming to life!

Making the best of a cold winter evening celebrating a birthday with our family and friends from Disney's CARS is how we show our #DisneySide! How do you and your family show off your #DisneySide? Have you been to the parks? Are you planning a trip this year? Share all the fun details or memories with me below!


  1. I think everyone loves Disney, even as a parent I know at Christmas it is great to get at least one Disney ornament a year. Parties, holiday, etc are all things that will be memorable with Disney.

  2. Regardless of the turn out, it looks like the birthday boy had fun!

  3. Looks really nice and fun way to spend the day inside

  4. I love Disney, I am always excited for the release of the Disney ornaments. So anything Disney always makes me smile, and a Disney theme party is awesome! Can't go wrong with pizza and cars, and it looks like everyone had fun at the party!

  5. We've been to the parks before and are thinking about trying to go again for my niece's birthday. Her Disney side is all Frozen, and I see a Frozen/Elsa party in her future.

  6. Fun party! His birthday is coming up soon; what does he want this year? Maybe ice cream again. Today is ice cream for breakfast day. Ice cream and a fun Disney party is always good.

  7. This looks like a whole lot of fun. The kids look to be enjoying it!! Disney has so many good options for boys or girls now.

    ellen beck


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