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Having a husband that works around coal means our washing machine takes a beating. My husband bought our washing machine before we got married so our machine is about twelve years old. In those twelve years I've washed lots and lots of laundry. More than I care to think about really. Over time the inside of our machine has really built up some grime. We have very hard water which doesn't help anything in our home, but the washing machine has really been neglected. I was interested to see if OxiClean had what it would take to get even our machine clean again.

The top of our machine has a ring of grime that I can only imagine is from the very dirty clothes my husband brings home from work. Would OxiClean be able to wash that ring around the washer away? I put it to the test to find out. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner comes in a box with four pouches. I usually run our machine on a Warm/Cold cycle but when using the cleaner I ran it on Hot/Cold to really break down the dirt. I tore open a packet and poured it in the machine. The cycle ran as normal and I instantly noticed a great smell coming from our machine and wafting through our house. It was just a light fresh clean smell that let me know OxiClean was at work. 

After the machine kicked off it's cycle I ran over to pop the lid to see the results. Unfortunately, the ring was lighter but still there. I could tell it had broke down the grime enough that I was able to use a brush and scrub the rest away with a little elbow grease. Had I maintained our machine better, I think the ring would have washed away. It looks like as I used the OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner on a regular basis our machine will stay clean and smelling fresh. The very top ring of the machine had no change at all, but I think it was out of the OxiClean's reach so I figured that was just up to me to get and keep it clean. Over all I was most impressed with great smell from our machine and could see how if you had grime that was causing an odor OxiClean would be your new best friend. Depending on what type of machine you have and how your machine has been used and abused will probably make a difference in the outcome of your own trial.  

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  1. I really need to try this I've never cleaned my washer I can only imagine how badly it needs to be cleaned.


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