MAM Helps To Calm Babies Then And Now

I received product in exchange for this post, all views and opinions are my own. 
Back when I found out I was expecting our first baby I started a mental list of everything I would need or want to use for our baby. Having had the joy of being an aunt I had a little experience with babies and how to soothe them to sleep. My niece was the first and she was such an easy going baby! One of the things that really helped to soothe her to sleep or just give her comfort if she was fussy was her MAM pacifiers. My sister chose to use MAM products for both of her children, so when it came time to buy pacifiers for the Booper I automatically went with the brand I had used and trusted.

MAM pacifiers were a great fit for our family. The Booper was a pacifier baby and toddler, we weaned him off of pacifiers between his second and third birthday. I was so thankful he had a way to be soothed to sleep and he would sleep well between feedings as a baby and then longer stretches as he grew. Now as we plan for our little girl who is due any day now I definitely plan to use the products I've already tested and trust from MAM. I've been saying it a lot, but so many things have changed in the last five years, however MAM pacifiers are still as trendy as they were back when the Booper was little. I used to coordinate his pacifier to match his outfits because MAM offered so many great colors and styles. Now while I visit their website not only do they have super cute new pacifier designs they also have lots of new products to try with our Sweet Pea.
If you're expecting or looking for a great baby shower gift then I recommend the products from MAM. Not only are MAM products useful and trendy they also come at a great value. The pacifiers come in package of two for around $7.50 the perfect add-on to your next shower gift! Chat with other parents and caregivers who love MAM products on Facebook and Twitter. Now I just can't wait for my sweet little girl to arrive so we can put all our fun baby gear to good use! 


  1. Lots of products from pacifiers to bottles to cleaning. I really like the cute designs and how well-made they seem.

  2. The patterns are adorable! I like these.

  3. My son never did take a pacifier, but maybe I will try this kind with #2.

  4. I love this brand. I have a couple of their products. Good quality and affordable. I value that in a product.

  5. These look like really great pacifiers to try.


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