BooginHead Helps You Boogie On With Baby

I received the below mentioned products in exchange for this post, all views and opinions are my own. 
When you first come home with a new baby everything can seem overwhelming. The amount of gear it takes just get through the day really adds up. I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple and if something works well for me then I'll keep doing it. Pacifiers were a lifesaver back when the Booper was a baby, so it was only natural that I would use them again with our baby girl. BooginHead makes several products that help parents and caregivers. I picked out two products to try from the BooginHead site. We put the Paci Grip and the Paci Pouch by BooginHead to the test. Read all about our results below.

If there's one thing you don't want to happen when you have a baby that loves their pacifier it's to be without a pacifier! I like to keep extras with me when we're away from home and that's when the Paci Pouch comes in to play. The Paci Pouch from BooginHead is a small zippered pouch that can be snapped on to your diaper bag, purse or around the bar of your stroller. It can hold several pacifiers, I've used ours for up to three. 

It never fails when I pick up baby girl she seems to spit out her Paci and like Murphy's Law it will fall to the floor and get dirty. Sure, she's my second child but I'm still a germaphobe so it has to be cleaned every time. The Paci Grip is a huge help even when we're at home. Now when I pick her up she can spit out that paci and it's not going to hit the floor. Both of these simple products help to keep her soothing pacifiers close at hand which is a huge help at home and away. They each come in several different styles, but I'm in love with the designs I chose! 
BooginHead offers several innovative products for infants, toddlers and kids. Check out their website for more fun gift ideas at a great price! 


  1. This is a great idea. Kids are constantly losing spitting out pacifiers and just throwing them in a overfiilled bag isnt good answer . I like how neat these look

    ellen beck


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