Monstrous Fun With #AirheadsCrafts

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Like most kids the Booper is a very active boy. He likes to stay busy all the time and that makes me have to work on having ideas for fun ways to spend our time. We were given a kit from Airheads to do some crafting and it was perfect timing since the weather has been colder outside. After looking at the Airheads we just wanted to tear into them like candy monster so that's exactly what he made. The Booper is always up for trying new things so when I asked if he wanted to make some Airheads candy monster puppets he jumped on board. This was an easy, fun and virtually mess-free candy craft! 
First we pulled out the Airheads candy and supplies. I tore off a large sheet of wax paper and put down on the table to keep our Airheads from sticking and to make for an easy clean up. I encouraged the Booper to create his "monster" any way he wanted. He worked with the small rolling pin and flattened out his Airheads then wrapped them on the stick. To create the face he used the edging tool for a mouth and added Airheads Bites to make the eyes on the face.
The finished project is not as important as the fun that was had while crafting! Luckily no matter what your candy monster looks like it tastes delicious! We gobbled up our silly goblins in a hurry, but we can make more any time we want with Airheads! Learn more about Airheads candy and find more fun ideas for #AirheadsCrafts.

Have an Airheads Crafting idea of your own? Share your ideas and pictures with Airheads on Twitter using #AirheadsCrafts.


  1. That looks like lots of fun. Then you can gobble them up.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. What a fun project! This would be perfect to do during winter break.

  3. Fun and yum...a great idea! Think of all the "tools" you could use to craft. I had never thought about using Airheads for projects.

  4. I think this would be such a fun product. It's crafts it is food you cant go wrong! I like how it is creative play too. So fun!
    ellen beck


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