May Flowers $200 Blooming Cash Event

Rain Rain, bring the May flowers during our $200 cash giveaway! You have the option of choosing between $200 PayPal Cash OR an Amazon Gift Card! This event was organized by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island and sponsored by the awesome bloggers, authors, and Etsy shop owners listed below!

Academia Barilla Pasta & Cookware Giveaway

Ever wonder how to cook the perfect pasta? This past winter, Momma Lew had the chance to get some insider tips from Chef Lorenzo of Academia Barilla on how to cook pasta perfectly! Simple and Delicious! Find out those tips and grab her homemade Penne a la Vodka recipe here!

How To Get Rid Of Flying Insects In Your Home Naturally With Zevo

This post is sponsored by Zevo, all views and opinions expressed here are my own.
Dinner is a family affair in our house, we all like to get involved. My husband enjoys grilling food for our family when the weather is nice outside. While he works his magic on the barbecue I like to cook the side dishes inside and the Booper takes pride in setting the table. Setting the table is one of his "chores" to help the family. After he sets the table the Booper will go in and out the back door to check on his dad and to play outside while he waits on dinner. Leaving our back door open is like posting a huge buffet invitation to all the flying insects in our neighborhood. One of my pet peeves is sitting down to our family dinner and having a fly land on the table or plate. Who wants to be waving away a flying insect while trying to eat? Not me. We were needing a way to kill flies naturally without any fuss so we can enjoy our meals in peace. Introducing Zevo Flying Insect Trap, an indoor pest control for families needing an eco-friendly option.

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues Nights At Ovations Brands' Restaurants {Giveaway}

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When I was about ten years old I struggled with finding things I enjoyed reading. My mom searched to find things that would grab my attention. One Saturday afternoon we were at a church book sale and my mom came across a box of old Nancy Drew books. She bought them for me, I looked at the tattered covers and sighed, little did I know those old Nancy Drew mysteries would ignite my passion for reading! To this day, I still prefer reading mysteries if I'm going to read fiction. It's exciting for me to see that Nancy Drew is still around for girls to enjoy and Ovation Brands' Restaurants are joining in the fun! Read more about the Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues nights and enter for a Nancy Drew prize package below. 

Millennials Celebrate Rugrats Coming To DVD

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Most millennials will know that "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" and those that know are excited to see their favorite baby's adventures on DVD. The all-new DVD releases of Rugrats: Season 1 and Rugrats: Season 2 coming to DVD May 2, 2017. Learn more about these new releases and enter for a chance to win below.

Louisville Parents Bridge The Summer Learning Gap With Snapology

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal, they are responsible for prize fulfillment.
Summer is coming! Many children are on the count-down to school being let out for the summer. I know the Booper is excited about our summer plans. As many families plan vacations and activities to fill the days of summer with learning experiences and fun, Snapology Summer Camps offer a way to do both. Children crave knowledge even though they might not know it! At Snapology, new ideas and concepts are presented in a fun hands-on environment that will leave your child begging for more. Summer Camps are enrolling now, so read on to learn more about Snapology and how to get your child engaged in learning this summer.

Cloth Diapering #FluffMail Giveaway

There's nothing quite as precious as a newborn baby! Are you or someone you know having a baby soon? Perhaps you've been considering cloth diapering? Cloth diapering has come a long way from when I was baby! Now fluff loving mommas can fill their cloth diaper stash with goodies each month from What Da Fluff. Learn more about this fluff filled subscription box and enter for a chance to win below. 

Spring Into Shopping Giveaway

After a long winter, you come to realize there are things you need to help you kick off spring. We've been doing work outside to improve our curbside appeal and found a few of our landscaping stones need replaced. It doesn't take long before all your outdoor projects really start to add up. So grab your entries below for a chance to win your own $75 Spring Shopping Spree!

Dress Up Your Spring Table With Dollar Tree

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There are so many fabulous ideas out there for ways to celebrate the holidays on the cheap with Dollar Tree, but some of my favorite ideas are the ones you might use anytime. Recently, I was at a posh event that included a luncheon for bloggers. They had an amazing spread on each table featuring a cylinder salad. I had never eaten a cylinder salad before but the presentation was so elegant I wanted to recreate the experience at home. If you're planning to host a luncheon for friends or family then you'll love this idea - plus you'll appreciate how inexpensive it will be using Dollar Tree products! 

Excitement For Young Readers {Little Fun Club Blog Tour}

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The world opens up to a child when they learn to read or have an adult that reads to them. My son is now seven and learning to read. He struggles with reading so it has become a sore spot for him and at times he's lost his joy for reading at all. When he starts to show signs of being burnt out or frustrated I will take over and just let him follow along until his curiosity for the story builds back. He brings home his readers from school, but we like to pick books from his shelf at bedtime. I think it's great for him to have his own library to pull from and go back to when he wants to read a familiar story. I was excited to learn about Little Fun Club and receive a box of curated books selected just for him. 

World Book Day Featuring Author Michelle Janning

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Welcome to the World Book Day Giveaway Hop! 
I'm stoked to have joined up with Review Wire Media along with several other sites that want to spread the joy of reading books! We're featuring books and prizes for all ages so be sure to visit each event and come back daily for bonus entries. Enjoy! 

Autism Community Store $50 Giveaway

Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month? 
From time to time you'll see me posting about autism, learning abilities and anything education related. I come from a family of teachers and that instilled in me a passion for understanding how people learn. Because of that passion, I feel a personal responsibility to advocate for children and adults living with autism. There's a major shift in the discussion about autism as many are aware but few people understand. This month I hope to help others by sharing my compassion for families that are living with autism and to move past awareness and on to understanding. From the parents in my circles that have children with autism, I've learned it can be quite expensive buying all the products and services to benefit their child. As a parent,  I can relate to the struggle of working to give your child every resource available. That's why I joined up with a great group of bloggers by chipping in for a useful prize to support families living with autism. 

Wrap Them In Love With LuLu Love Baby Swaddle Blankets

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Welcome to the LuLu Love Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket Giveaway!
Hosted by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It and joined by several amazing sites.

Celebrating The Fandom With A $50 Fandango Giveaway

Love movies? We do! Even though I don't get as many chances to watch new films in the theater I love the experience of watching on the big screen. If you're like us then you have a list of new films you're hoping to go see as soon as they premiere. One lucky reader will get a little help on the cost of going to the movies with a $50 Fandango Gift Card! Celebrating along with a few of my blogging friends and grab your entries for this fun movie lover event! 

A Tisket A Tasket We Love Our Gourmet Gift Baskets

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Welcome to the second annual Rain Rain Go Away giveaway event! 
The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island are chasing away the rainy day blues with another fun event for a chance to brighten your day with prizes. Hop around over 100 giveaways and be sure to come back daily for bonus entries too. Give only the best this Easter send your special someone a basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets! Learn more about their crafted gift baskets and enter for a chance to win a sweet treat basket for yourself below. 

Spring Car Care $100 Goodyear Giveaway

Did you know that April is National Car Care month? Now is a great time to schedule some routine maintenance on your vehicle and to be sure your tires are road ready. Just in time for Spring Break travels and before you go on vacation, be sure your vehicle is in top shape!
To celebrate National Car Care Month in April, Goodyear Auto Service is offering their “Spring Car Care” event. Now through April 13th, you can receive complimentary tire tread checks, an instant $15 off a set of four Goodyear, Dunlop or Kelly tires and free wiper blades when purchasing a set of tires at your local Goodyear Auto Service.

Step2 Patio Cooler Giveaway

Does your family spend a lot of time outside during the warmer days of spring and summer? We do! We can't wait to be outside to grill delicious food and the kids can't wait to play in the yard. The warmer weather is coming and it's time to start thinking about outdoor living spaces. We're so excited to share this backyard storage giveaway for the brand new Step2 Stone Front Patio Collection Cooler and Storage and a Ready Shed by Backyard Discovery (worth a combined retail value of $1,998!).

I'm Helping Others Move Past Awareness #UnderstandAutism

I did not receive any form of compensation for this post. This is a cause near to my heart. Please visit for the most up to date information. Thanks! 
Since April is World Autism Month, I’ve decided to #LightItUpBlue with Autism Speaks to increase understanding and awareness of autism. The issue is deeply personal to me as a mom of a child with autism. It’s highly likely that you know someone with autism too since the CDC estimates autism’s prevalence as 1 in every 68 children in the United States.

Mack & Moxy Adventures In HelpeeLand On DVD

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Welcome to the Spring In Our Step Giveaway Hop! 
Seeing the sunshine and walking out to see our daffodils in the backyard has given me a spring in my step. I'm so ready to be outside more and enjoy the outdoors with my kids. We love grilling out and the kids love to play with our neighbors so bring on spring and bring on more of that sunshine! This giveaway hop is about bringing you some great giveaways to put a spring in your step. Thanks to Mama the Fox for hosting and to the other bloggers for participating. Check out Mack and Moxy: Adventures In HelpeeLand and enter for a chance to win a copy for your family below. 

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