Mott's For Tots Juice Makes Our Toddler Smile

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Toddlers are busy. Our little miss is constantly on the go finding new ways to play with toys and playing with most everything except her own toys. Ever notice how much fun a toddler can have with an empty box? She keeps me on my toes, and it's exciting to watch her grow. These days she learned to say all kinds of new words like, "eat", "cup" and "juice" her vocabulary seems to be exploding over night. Verbal or not, toddlers communicate what they want, and she loves drinking Mott's For Tots Juice. 

Mott's for Tots is available in four delicious flavors; Apple, Fruit Punch, Apple White Grape, and Mixed Berry. When the Booper was little he always loved Fruit Punch, but our little miss is a fan of the Apple. Exploring the world can make a toddler thirsty, so when she's asking for a "dink" or her "cup" I can reach for the "good stuff" and grab our Mott's for Tots Juice. 

With three simple steps, Mott's for Tots is committed to offering your toddler a great tasting juice with 40 percent less sugar than regular apple juice. The juice that's made just for toddlers! 
I can't get enough of my toddler's smiles, as she grows I hope to see more! Sometimes more is the best thing, but when it comes to sugar, I'm happy Mott's for Tots has less! Parenting a toddler is an all-hands-on-deck job, so when it's time to quench our picky princess' thirst we grab the Mott's for Tots because we know she'll drink it every time. 


  1. Mixed Berry and Fruit Punch do sound like classics!

  2. I love this. I had no idea Mott's had a less sugary version of their juices.

  3. I like that the sugar is reduced.

  4. These are nice options, and a good choice for reduced sugar!


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