Choosing Healthy Snacks With NatureBox

I received the items in the post for review from NatureBox. All opinions are my own. The post may contain affiliate links.  
The older that my family gets, the more that I try to find ways to keep them healthy. When I had the opportunity to try NatureBox, I was thrilled!
NatureBox is a monthly subscription of snacks. They have over 100 to choose from.  If you get something that you don't like simply contact them and they will credit your next order. I like that they have an index on their site that explains the ingredient and what it does for you. These are not just random snacks that are sent to you. These snacks are ones that you pick out yourself. Whether you have a favorite or you want to try something new, the choice is yours.
Since we tend to like different things and I wanted a variety, I let my husband and son choose their own. There were choices from dried fruits and cookies to popcorn and trail mixes. My husband chose Country Archer Crushed Red Pepper Beef Jerky. He likes to try different types of jerky and thought the red pepper might add some heat. It did have some heat to it but it wasn't super hot. He liked the texture of it and thought it had a decent flavor but he wasn't sure if he would order it again.
Hunter chose the Naked Cocoa Delight Energy Bar. It comes in a four pack. Being 14, he doesn't need any help in the energy arena but he saw 'cocoa' and 'four pack' and was sold. The bars are skinny and about 3 inches long. They have a chocolate covering and I thought they might be on the hard side.  However, when he took a bite, it was soft and chewy. Besides the obvious chocolate taste, there was a sweetness to it too. He just couldn't identify if it was a date or a raisin.

I chose both the Dark Chocolate Almonds and the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix. I loved the almonds! They had a touch of sea salt but it wasn't overpowering. The almonds themselves were a nice size so that you could actually taste them.

One other snack that I chose was the Salt and Vinegar Veggie Chips. Since Hunter likes regular potato chips flavored with salt and vinegar, I was curious to see how he'd react to the veggie part. He didn't notice a difference. He said that they were better than the ones that I get at the grocery. And to prove his point, he gave our dog a chip and said that they are 'dog approved too'!
I would definitely pick more snacks from NatureBox. They have free shipping over $25 and offer different specials throughout the year. You can visit their facebook page at Facebook or their Twitter.


  1. I absolutely love jerky. Those naked bars look great, too. I need to find those!

  2. If I had extra money to get a box, this is one I'd like to try.
    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I've never heard of this subscription box. I'd love to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds neat. I was signed up to a fashion subscription and I didn't like it at all because I don't buy a lot of clothes anyway, but this is different because this will help feed my family and we get to explore different healthy snack options I wouldn't think to buy at the store.

  5. Nice snacks to munch on and feel good about

  6. It is so nice that they have gluten free snacks. They look healthy!


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